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Nezha Automobile Launches V1.5.6 OTA Upgrade for Nezha S: Enhancing Smart Car Experience with New Features

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Nezha Automobile Launches V1.5.6 OTA Upgrade for Nezha S: Enhancing Smart Car Experience with New Features

Nezha Automobile Launches OTA Upgrade for Nezha S, Bringing New Features and Enhancements

In the era of smart cars, vehicle OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrades have become a significant aspect of continuous evolution and improvement. Nezha Automobile recently announced the release of the V1.5.6 version OTA upgrade for its “sports technology coupe” Nezha S. This upgrade includes several new features and enhancements aimed at providing users with a smarter and more convenient driving experience.

The V1.5.6 OTA upgrade for Nezha S will be gradually rolled out to all models that have been delivered, following the order of purchase. The push will be completed by September 20, ensuring that all users can benefit from the latest enhancements. This update focuses on six major module functions, covering areas such as user driving experience and interactive entertainment.

One of the notable features of this upgrade is the introduction of a new car key remaining battery reminder. The central control screen will display the car key battery reminder, providing users with three different icons to indicate the battery status. This enhancement allows users to have a clearer understanding of the car key’s battery level.

Additionally, the Nezha S V1.5.6 version offers intelligent charging guidance based on various scenarios. The vehicle can predict the user’s commuting behavior and suggest charging in advance based on the remaining power. It can also recommend suitable charging stations along the way for long-distance trips, reducing battery life anxiety and ensuring a more relaxed driving experience.

The Nezha S upgrade also brings improvements to the multimedia and entertainment features of the vehicle. The multimedia card audio source now has a power-off memory function, allowing the vehicle to use the last used player for playback by default. This eliminates the need for users to repeatedly select their preferred audio source. The voice control function has also been upgraded, with additional voice options and improved functionality, making it even more practical and convenient.

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Furthermore, the upgrade introduces a new mobile phone screen projection function, expanding the entertainment options within the vehicle. Users can now easily upload entertainment works and enjoy two new local games, turning the car into a private entertainment cabin.

Nezha Automobile’s commitment to continuously refining its smart technology and understanding users’ travel needs is evident in this OTA upgrade. The company aims to provide high-quality smart electric vehicles that enhance the overall travel experience. By leveraging technological advancements, Nezha Automobile continues to deliver innovative features, making smart cars accessible to more consumers.

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