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Disabled pupils in Borgo Valbelluna, funded projects for schools

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Disabled pupils in Borgo Valbelluna, funded projects for schools

More specialist assistance to disabled students of Borgo Valbellunathanks to a loan taken from theCesa administration. In fact, a total of 32,790 euros was allocated to projects dedicated to the twenty-seven disabled pupils who attend the local schools: 13,327 euros tocomprehensive institute of Trichiana16,962 euros per including Mel and Lentiai and the remaining 2,500 euros tothe asylum of Nazareth di Lentia.

funded by the government

The funding allocated to the Municipality comes from a tailor-made government fund and will serve to guarantee the specialist assistance service for improve the independence and communication of pupils with disabilities, with the aim of supporting their educational and relational journey. These are personalized courses, which provide for the increase in hours of the support teacher and specialists in the sector, such as, for example, the speech therapist, the psychologist and the educator, also in continuity with the Arcipelago project, which has so far provided help to children in the development of language and peer interaction.

The Municipality of Borgo Valbelluna thus continues to engage in projects in favor of families and education, demonstrating that it makes the most of all the funding opportunities that favor the activation of services in support of the most fragile minors. The allocation of contributions to the three schools was made official with a resolution.

Thanks from the municipal administration

«A special thanks from the municipal administration», says thecouncilor for social policies Marilisa Corso, «goes to the head of personal and community service, Adelina Antoniazzi and to the head of the social office, Romina De Paris, for having made it possible to adopt the measures consequent to the resolution. The end-of-year timing could jeopardize the use of the loan, which the Municipality was awarded at the end of November and which had to be committed by closure of the 2022 budget».

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Marilisa Corso, councilor in Borgo Valbelluna

The municipal administration also thanks the Nazareth of Lentiai and the comprehensive schools of Trichiana and Mel-Lentiai for having joined the initiative and having presented personalized and targeted projects for individual children in difficulty, demonstrating attention to the issues of inclusion and the development of communication skills.

The commitment to education

“We continue to believe that investing ineducation of young and very young people is the only possibility we have to carry forward a community capable of making choices», underlines Corso, «of being inclusive and of growing in the spirit of inclusion and awareness. The fund makes it possible to offer additional educational services for children who have greater difficulties and who risk not keeping up with the others, with a view to acceptance and growth of our entire community».

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