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Dissolution Forza Nuova, the reactions of Letta and Meloni

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Enrico Letta returns to the attack. «I lived what happened on Saturday with deep anguish. It is fascist squads ». The secretary of the Democratic Party, live with the director of La Stampa Massimo Giannini, does not mince words to describe the attack on 9 October, led, among others, by Forza Nuova leaders Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino, now under arrest. “I don’t understand why Meloni and Salvini don’t openly dissociate themselves from what happened. These events have nothing to do with the right and the left. And not even with the Green Pass ».

Letta: “What happened in Rome is fascist squadism, Salvini and Meloni distance themselves without ifs and buts”

“Squad violence, the matrix is ​​clear”

Letta is still on the line to follow against what has happened. “Forza Nuova has passed its mark, what has happened is unequivocal, it is a neo-fascist movement. The matrix, which Meloni does not grasp, is clear ». Letta points the finger at the leader of Fdi, who had condemned the episodes but had claimed to ignore the origin of the same: “It was an unhappy exit – cut short the secretary dem – a very serious mistake that brought back the hands of the political path of Melons back a long time. Evidently he does not want to distance himself from a part of the electorate that recognizes itself as what happened. Even Salvini’s speech, who defines himself as “anti-fascist and anti-communist” makes no sense. In his entire political career, Bossi has never given rise to controversy of this type ». After criticizing the management of public order (“There were obvious shortcomings”) Letta then applauded the initiative of Prime Minister Draghi, who wanted to personally express his solidarity with the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini: “I greatly appreciated this gesture . Draghi did what everyone should have done. This issue needs to be addressed in an inclusive way. Politics at this time must unite, not divide ».

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“Forza Nuova is out”

As for the fate of the far-right political formation that led the insurrection following the “No Pass” demonstration, the democratic leader is categorical. «From this moment it must be clear that Forza Nuova is out – ruled Letta – what happened is unequivocal. He hopes for a broad convergence in this regard. People will say: “But why didn’t you do it when you were in government? Simple: because such an act had never been committed. Fn has exceeded the limit ».

Beyond the episodes on Saturday, Letta held out his hand to those who peacefully manifested their dissent: «They must be helped, we must be tolerant towards them, we must have common sense. But 75 per cent of the population responded to the vaccine call, so we must not mistake a noisy minority for a majority ». Letta then expressed his reservations regarding the introduction of a possible vaccination obligation, defining it as a “last resort” to be adopted in the event that in the coming weeks the costs in terms of public order and economic growth should become unsustainable.

“We need a strong Europe, risk of populism”

Letta’s analysis then focused on the upcoming challenges of Europe and the risks of a new populist ebb on the continent. “The risk of new waves of intolerance exists – he commented – just think of the recent agreements between the Hungarian Fides and the Polish FIS on the issue of migrants, and the fact that in Poland the Constitutional Court has sanctioned the primacy of domestic law over that community. Europe will emerge by redefining its approach to the issue of migrants, and by reforming its budgetary rules. We need an EU with an increasingly autonomous profile, which can act as an interlocutor with the great international powers. Europe is not the frame of the picture in which we live, but the picture itself. Suffice it to say that in the UK supermarket shelves and petrol station pumps are emptying. The British are beginning to understand the Brexit mistake ».

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“Ballot? A whole different game “

After having sung the praises of the Draghi government (“They are working well, I don’t want to put a spoke in the wheel” and Giuseppe Conte (“An essential ally”), Letta launched a dig at the League (“They must understand which side “), Then moving on to comment on the upcoming run-offs of the administrative elections. Letta said he was certain that these will not suffer repercussions from what happened on Saturday.” The run-offs are a different thing, there everyone chooses his mayor. Compared to the first round it will all be another game: we are confident in the potential of Lo Russo in Turin and of Gualtieri in Rome, I am convinced that they are the best possible administrators for those realities ».

Salvini: “Outlawing violent realities of right and left”

The declarations of Matteo Salvini, made during an electoral rally in Ostia, also came very close: «When you attack party offices, trade unions, emergency rooms or carabinieri trucks, you are a criminal and you should be treated as such. To Letta I say: Do we want to do something serious? The whole Parliament should unite to approve a document against all kinds of violence and to dissolve all the realities that carry on violence, it is not that the violence of the social centers is less. “Thus the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, to a electoral initiative in Ostia. And he added: “Do we all want to hold a demonstration together to condemn all kinds of violence? Let’s do it! ».

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