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Dl aid, Draghi: exceptional tools for expensive life, 200 euro bonus for 28 million Italians

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Dl aid, Draghi: exceptional tools for expensive life, 200 euro bonus for 28 million Italians

«Today’s measures are worth 14 billion, which are added to the approximately 15.5 billion of the previous ones, so we are at a total of about 30 billion already spent, or about 2 percentage points of GDP. And I would like to point out that we did it without resorting to budgetary variances ». Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this when illustrating the aid decree approved in the evening by the CDM. «Today’s measures address the cost of living, the acceleration of prices depends to a very large extent on energy prices. And this means that it is a temporary situation that must be faced with exceptional tools “added the premier.

Draghi: € 200 bonus for incomes of up to € 35,000

Not surprisingly, with the aid decree “a one-off contribution of 200 euros will arrive for employees, self-employed workers and pensioners up to 35 thousand euros in income”. This is a measure to support the incomes of 28 million Italians

Franco: 6 billion social bonus from energy extra-profits

The Government has allocated over six billion, mainly aimed at financing income support with a “bonus” of 200 euros, with “the increase in the extraordinary levy” on energy importing and producing companies that have made extra profits thanks to prices energetic. Economy Minister Daniele Franco explained this, adding: the tax on extra-profits rises to 25%. Not only. Among the other approved measures “we also extended the guarantee on bank loans to SMEs and major companies through Sace to 31 December”.

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Orlando: bus-metro fund for students and workers

The bonus against inflation “intervenes on the weakest groups of pensioners and workers, rebalancing them with respect to the shock that the crisis has had and with respect to excess profits. An extension, with a positive social outcome, of the number of people benefiting from the energy bonus with large families is envisaged and I add that there is a fund for support for students and workers on public transport which allows a discount on season tickets and this mitigates the ‘effect on lower wages ”explained Labor Minister Andrea Orlando at the end of the CDM.

Measures for more Russian gas independence

The aid decree “extends to many areas: we approve liberalizations, reforms in the renewable energy sector, which allow us to accelerate the ecological transition, to make that step in investments in renewables, which will help make us more independent from Russian gas”, he explained again the premier at the press conference. The government’s strategy is to “get rid of the importation of gas from Russia as quickly as possible. The progress made in recent months is extraordinary ».

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