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Dl Tax, the senate confirms the confidence in the government: 175 yes

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The Senate confirms the government’s confidence in the tax bill with 175 votes in favor, 13 against and no abstentions. Now the measure passes to the Chamber, where the general discussion in the Chamber has been scheduled to start on 13 December. The 10 million euro fund for separated parents must be allocated for 2022, and not in 2021, as provided for in the text of the amendment to the tax bill presented by the League and approved by the Finance and Labor committees of the Senate. This is foreseen by the reformulation, indicated by the State General Accounting Office, included in the maxi-amendment to the legislative decree on which the government has raised the question of trust. In essence, it is specified that the provision entails non-quantified costs in terms of net borrowing requirement and net debt for 2022 that have not been compensated, as it produces its effects from next year, from the moment in which, to define the criteria for the distribution of the allowance up to 800 euros per month and the monthly limit, we refer to a Dpcm to be adopted within 60 from the entry into force of the law.

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