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Do Slovak democrats have suicidal tendencies? | Opinions | .a week

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Do Slovak democrats have suicidal tendencies?  |  Opinions |  .a week

and now I don’t mean Igor Matovič or Boris Kollar. Both are about as far from a democratic politician as I am from a neurosurgeon. They know how to talk about democracy, even imitate some expressions of a real democrat, but when it comes to breaking bread, for them, democracy is only a means to gain and maintain power. In that, they are exactly the same as Fico, Danko, Pellegrini, Uhrík, or Kotleba. Maybe they don’t have such bad intentions and are “only” interested in power, fame, or business. But the impacts on society are just as devastating.

The problem is the so-called more decent part of the political spectrum. Richard Sulík, for example, once again missed the opportunity to remain silent and said that he, like Fico, did not like NATO’s campaign to support Ukraine. Please?! In the discussion with Fico, does Sulík agree with him on anything? A person who declares that he is already a political novice and does not make rookie mistakes in an election campaign, during a discussion duel with the biggest opponent, behaves like an amateur rookie? And I deliberately ignore the fact that if Sulík is a pro-Atlantic politician, he should be all for the campaign, which is supposed to convince Slovak voters that supporting Ukraine is the right thing to do.

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