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Don’t wait to whip up your whip and work hard to create a new world

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Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Wei Leads Research on Next Year’s Work Planning

As the end of the year approaches, Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Wei has been busy leading teams to various parts of Jiaxing to conduct intensive research on next year’s work planning. Over a two-week period, Chen Wei and his team visited 9 subjects, inspected 15 points, and held 9 reporting meetings to gather information on the current development trend, next steps, and any obstacles encountered.

Chen Wei emphasized the importance of taking a proactive approach to create a new world in the face of the complex and severe external environment. He highlighted the resilience and potential of market entities as solid support for stabilizing the city’s economy.

During the intensive research, Chen Wei and his team found rich new momentum and vitality in the exploration and practice of transformation and upgrading and innovative development. They witnessed the impressive growth of companies like Kaisheng Power Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. and Liangxin Electrical Appliances (Haiyan) Co., Ltd., who have been leading the charge towards technological breakthroughs and accumulation. These companies have successfully entered a period of rapid growth and are paving the way for a brighter future.

In addition to economic development, Chen Wei also emphasized the importance of cultural empowerment and integrating culture and tourism to improve the quality of urban areas. The focus on historical and cultural resources and creating diversified consumption scenarios was highlighted as a way to increase traffic and gather popularity in cultural and tourism blocks.

The meetings held during the intensive research were packed with lively discussions and practical information. Chen Wei emphasized the need to establish a firm awareness of the overall situation, find accurate coordinates, and plan work scientifically. He also stressed the importance of seizing major opportunities, highlighting transportation as a priority in building Jiaxing as a hub.

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With next year’s work planning in mind, Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Wei has set the bar high for the city of Jiaxing, aiming to propel it towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

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