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Double murder followed by suicide: businesswoman from Nossen shot dead

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Double murder followed by suicide: businesswoman from Nossen shot dead

On Tuesday evening, an entrepreneur from Nossen was shot dead in the home of an Austrian couple in Styria. The woman’s employee can’t believe it yet, she told MDR SACHSEN. How things will continue for her and the three other colleagues after the sudden death of her boss is completely unclear. First of all, they continue until the relatives of the dead have decided something. Your boss was murdered in Austria. For the local police, the crime has been clarified. The perpetrator: an almost 50-year-old vocational school teacher, confirmed the Austrian police when asked by MDR SACHSEN. The man and the entrepreneur who was shot would have known each other.

Autopsy: Two women and a man dead

According to the Austrian police, the crime had already occurred on Tuesday. Around 6 p.m., three bodies were found in a remote family home in the municipality of St. Peter am Kammersberg in the Murau district. One of the dead is the entrepreneur from Nossen. The other two are a married couple who were registered in the apartment building. All three had “obvious gunshot wounds,” police said.

The autopsy ordered by the Leoben public prosecutor showed that the two women died from gunshot wounds inflicted on them in the upper body. As the Austrian police spokesman Markus Lamp from Styria MDR SACHSEN said, the crime has now been reconstructed. According to the information, the man first shot his wife with a bullet, then the woman from Saxony – she had two gunshot wounds.

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The forensic medicine also found a fatal gunshot wound in the man’s upper body. Based on the traces, the police assume that the man shot himself. The police forensics found the murder weapon near him. This was registered in his name and legally in his possession. The police rule out third-party negligence on the part of a fourth person.

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shot dead Frau knew her killer

“What the triggering moment was is questionable,” said police spokesman Lamp. “One can speculate a lot, but we can no longer ask the people. The relationship between the two women is still unclear.” The bodies were found in different places in the house. A murder investigation team and crime scene officers from the Styrian State Criminal Police Office are currently investigating with local police stations. It is also about the motive of the deed.

According to initial findings, the husband and wife from Saxony have known each other for some time. The police assume that the two have recently spent a few days together in the woman’s hometown, in Bavaria and in Austria, before driving a rental vehicle to the family home in St. Peter am Kammerberg last Saturday. The man was officially registered there with his wife, who was also a teacher.

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Tat came to light because perpetrators did not come to work

Because the man did not show up at work for two days after his vacation, a so-called “departure notice” was issued. The police then searched for him. The emergency services got into the locked house with the help of the local fire brigade. “The man is described as very reliable and well liked by those around him,” said police spokesman Markus Lamp. The relationship between the perpetrator’s wife and the Saxon entrepreneur is not known.

A medium-sized dog was also found in the house with the three dead adults. He was unharmed and is now in veterinary care.

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