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Draft statutory education law: grade 12 would be created

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Draft statutory education law: grade 12 would be created

With the possibility of creating the twelfth grade (12) in the country, the national government published the deletion of the bill that seeks for education to be recognized as a fundamental right.

In the seven-page document, released by the Ministry of Education, it is divided into four chapters, the first one talks about the nature and purposes of education.

“In accordance with article 67 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, its guarantee will be the responsibility of the State, society and the family, in its triple dimension of law, duty and public service. Its provision by public, private or mixed actors is executed under the non-delegable inspection and surveillance of the State, to guarantee the nature of education as a common good and ensure compliance with the essential elements, principles and purposes of education “says a section of the document.

In chapter two, he talks about the essential elements, principles, rights and duties, in which he establishes that one must “guarantee adequate coverage of the education service and ensure the necessary conditions for access and permanence”.

In the draft it also indicates that the project seeks that children and young people have access to education at all levels, from school to higher education.

“The State will progressively finance, offer and guarantee the right to higher education in accordance with the regulation for provision at this level,” the document says.

News in development…

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