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Eat reunion family banquet and receive coupons to make clean moon cakes. Mid-Autumn Festival activities all over Chongqing are wonderful_Residents

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Original title: Eat reunion family dinner and receive coupons to make clean moon cakes. Mid-Autumn Festival activities all over Chongqing are wonderful

According to the Chongqing Daily, September 19 is the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, and wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival activities are held in various parts of Chongqing, creating a strong festive atmosphere.

The taste of home makes love reunite

Near noon on the 19th, food fragrant on the cultural square of Huhan Community, Xinshan Village Street, Dadukou District. Braised fish, fish-flavored shredded pork, steamed pork, garlic pork ribs, three shreds of cold dressing, radish lamb, sandwiched meat… Residents are coming one after another with their own carefully cooked specialties, and the annual Mid-Autumn Festival reunion family banquet is lively Open the table.

“Come and try the twice-cooked pork I made. It’s not my boast. The secret recipe that my family has inherited for decades is really delicious.” The 66-year-old resident Zhong Guiying sells home-cooked dishes to everyone. “I made the three-thread cold salad, too. Do you see if it is delicious and delicious? Hurry up and move your chopsticks.” Hu Zhonghua, a 73-year-old resident, is also very enthusiastic.

According to Wang Di, secretary of the Party Committee of Huhan Community, during this period, the community carried out the renovation of the old community, and 464 residents enjoyed the benefits, and the old buildings that had lived for more than 20 years were replaced with new clothes. When everyone was happy, they decided to set up a few tables for family banquets.

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After the meal, the residents were enjoying the family dinner and chatting about the homework, filled with warmth and happiness.

Happy consumption in two rivers all night

On the same day, Liangjiang New District launched the “2021 Evernight Liangjiang Smart HUI Life Festival” (hereinafter referred to as the Evernight Liangjiang Life Festival). During the event, 3.6 million yuan of consumer vouchers and nearly one million exclusive gift vouchers will be issued, and citizens can receive up to 618 yuan of consumer vouchers at one time. The consumption vouchers cover the Halo Shopping Park and Jinkai Aegean Shopping Park in the Liangjiang New Area.

It is reported that during the event, Liangjiang New District will jointly launch multiple activities with multiple shopping malls, stores and scenic spots. In addition to issuing consumer vouchers, from the end of September to October, the new district will also issue gift vouchers with different themes and different types on the Alipay platform, with a total value of nearly one million yuan.

Making clean mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival

“Incorruptible, watch the New Year; clean and unclean, watch the festival.” In the past few days, the Yusong Road Community, Longshan Street, Yubei District, sent a wide range of clean text messages to party members to guide everyone to prevent “festival sickness” and “micro-corruption” during the holidays. “.

At the New Era Civilization Practice Station in Yusong Road Community, the community party committee, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Women’s Federation, and the Youth League Branch jointly organized the activity of “Cleanliness, Advocacy of Cleanliness, and Skillful Hand-made Mooncakes”.

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“The moon cake is filled with lotus seed paste. The lotus homonym is’incorrupt’. There is a lotus printed on the white cake. Party members and cadres should’get out of the silt and not stain’ like a lotus, and guard their integrity.” Guided by volunteers Next, everyone’s “white noodles” are used as the skin and lotus seed paste is used as the filling, and the clean elements are cleverly integrated into the moon cakes. Party members and the masses took home the “incorruptible” mooncakes they made by themselves, and passed on to their families the meaning of “ice and clean as jade, keeping the true taste, resisting corruption, preventing degeneration, and protecting family style”.

Reporter Zhang Sha Xiang Jumei

Original title: Eat reunion family dinner and receive coupons to make clean mooncakes

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