Home News Eight out of ten Belluno people have completed the anti Covid vaccination cycle

Eight out of ten Belluno people have completed the anti Covid vaccination cycle

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But there are still 30,550 Belluno citizens between the ages of thirty and sixty who are not covered by the vaccine

BELLUNO. The vaccination campaign in the province of Belluno has crossed the line of eight out of ten Belluno people who have completed the cycle. The greatest adhesion came from the 60-69 year olds (87.2%), from the 70-79 year olds (92.4%) while about 100% of the over 80s were vaccinated. Excellent adhesion even among the 20-29 year olds who have reached, despite having left later with the immunization sessions: 80%. The 12-19 year olds (67.2%), the 30-39 year olds (75.3%) and the 40-49 year olds (76.4%) have the greatest difficulties.

83.3% of the vaccinable population received at least one dose of Covid vaccine. There are still 30,550 people to be vaccinated, especially in the 30-59 year old group. As for the third doses, 5,500 doses have been carried out to date: among the health professionals about 40% obtained it, while 59% of the RSA guests who had completed the vaccination cycle six months ago. Excellent coverage with the booster for superfragile people who are 95% (about 2000).

In terms of adverse vaccines, the USL has activated an ad hoc commission made up of doctors from different disciplines who are taking care of these people who, based on the problems, will also be subjected to targeted specialist visits. At the end the conclusions will be drawn and communicated to the patients.


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