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Exploring the Industrial Internet: Empowering High-Quality Development in the Digital Economy Era

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Experts from various industries gathered at the 2023 China International Digital Economy Expo to discuss the Industrial Internet and its impact on various sectors. The theme of the expo was “Industrial Internet Empowers Thousands of Industries, Digital Economy Leads High-Quality Development”. The Industrial Internet, which is the result of the integration of new generation information technology and the manufacturing industry, has been widely applied in key industries of the national economy. The experts highlighted the rich connotations and extensions of the Industrial Internet and its potential to improve overall competitiveness and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in China.

The Industrial Internet connects people, machines, objects, and systems to build a comprehensive manufacturing and service system that covers the entire industry chain and value chain. This allows for industrial digitalization, networking, and intelligent development. The integrated application of the Industrial Internet has expanded to include emerging industrial AI technologies such as industrial big data intelligence, industrial edge intelligence, industrial cloud-edge collaborative intelligence, and industrial digital twin intelligence. These technologies have been integrated into various application scenarios such as personalized customization, intelligent production, network collaboration, and predictive operation and maintenance.

The Industrial Internet is driving the accelerated transformation of traditional industries by advancing manufacturing technology and digital technology simultaneously. It is in the critical period of technology integration and upgrading. In the future, it is expected to create a more open, platform-based, intelligent, and wireless new supply system. However, different industries have different levels of digitalization, and there is a need for cross-integration to achieve comprehensive digitalization. Experts emphasized the importance of industrial digital transformation and suggested that enterprises proceed step by step, starting from their current situation. The government should also support the transformation capabilities of enterprises to reduce costs and promote the overall competitiveness of Chinese industries in the digital transformation.

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Looking to the future, the Industrial Internet holds infinite possibilities, opportunities, and challenges. Experts mentioned the development of 6G technology, which aims to achieve intelligence and the digital twins of all things. They also highlighted the importance of improving computing power to integrate and connect existing information networks, reducing waste of resources and improving efficiency. Strengthening digital core technology research, focusing on information infrastructure, promoting industrial ecological construction, and establishing industrial alliances were also suggested.

The discussions and exchanges at the expo conveyed the message of collaboration and innovation in the industrial Internet. The experts called for continuous innovation in the industrial Internet, creating an “integrated” future, and achieving a win-win “digital intelligence” in the new era.

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