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Extreme security measures in Cesar due to the appearance of AGC graffiti

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Extreme security measures in Cesar due to the appearance of AGC graffiti

After the anxiety and uneasiness generated in the community by the appearance of graffiti alluding to the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), in seven municipalities of Cesar, municipal and departmental authorities and public forces held an Extraordinary Security Council this Tuesday morning in which they agreed to take extreme security measures to avoid disturbing public order in the territory.

It was established as a first measure, that the Police and the Army take preventive measures against the complaints coming from the municipalities of Cesar, where the messages of the armed group were visible. The objective is to counteract the wave of insecurity that is hitting the department, mainly in its capital.

Mello Castro, mayor of the municipality of Valledupar, reported that the request to the public force was to strengthen “the intelligence of security agencies to guarantee coexistence and citizen security. We will continue to have the resources to apply the necessary strategies in both urban and rural areas.

The synergy between the institutions is important to counteract the facts of insecurity. That is why our invitation to the Minister of Defense so that with high military commanders we make an expanded security council that defines a great road map, “said the president.

Last Monday, the Mayor of Valledupar asked the Defense Minister, Iván Velásquez Gómez, to attend an expanded security council to deal with this situation in which the forceful presence of the public force is needed.

“The latest acts of death, added to the graffiti alluding to self-defense groups that appeared in educational institutions in townships south of Valledupar, as well as theft cases, keep us with alerts on and the need to act against what that is happening at the beginning of this year 2023 ”, reads the letter sent to the representative of the national Government.

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For this reason, he reiterated the need to have his presence in an Expanded Security Council where all the actors such as the Police, Army, Prosecutor’s Office and other organizations can define plans that allow us to counteract those sources of insecurity that have been altering order and security. tranquility of our people in the municipality.

“We have worked hand in hand with the different security forces, but it is necessary to decisively face this issue in the face of the clamor of the inhabitants of Valledupar,” he said.

Eduardo Esquivel, Secretary of Government of Cesar, said for his part that the objective of the Security Council was to establish the road map to forcefully confront the actions of the alleged armed groups that are stealing the tranquility of the inhabitants of the rural and urban area of ​​the department.

“After the appearance of pamphlets, supposedly from the AUC, in the municipalities of Cesar and corregimientos of Valledupar, we lead an extraordinary security council with public forces and civil authorities, with which we articulate actions to counter possible criminal acts,” he said.

The appearance of banners, banners and graffiti from groups outside the law, generate anxiety in the community, however, the public force is doing the investigative work to deal with this situation. “We are respectful of the presidential decree on the ceasefire, we will act in accordance with its indications in case of flagrantly detecting any type of criminal activity; We are going to proceed according to what is stipulated by the national government”, assured Colonel Eduardo Chamorro, deputy commander of the Police in the department of Cesar.

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He urged the community to join the work of the police, providing information if they had it, to locate those responsible for this public order situation. Work was done hand in hand with all the components of the public force, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Mayor’s Office and the Interior to achieve citizen coexistence.

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