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Falling back onto “that ridge of hatred and self-destruction”

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Falling back onto “that ridge of hatred and self-destruction”

On the occasion of Memorial Day this morning the mayor of Vasto Francesco Menna together with the councillors Paola Cianci, Nicola Della Gatta, Licia Fioravante and one deposed to the military and police authorities Laurel crownin Via Dalmazia, al commemorative stone of the Istonio Marina internment camp. The structure where Italians deemed “dangerous” by the fascist regime were interned from 1940 to 1943.

“The Day of Remembrance that we celebrate this year, immersed in a time, as is dramatically signified to us every day, in which the world seems to have fallen back on “that ridge of hatred and self-destruction” which we hoped would be forever consigned to history and, therefore, not replicable in the future of Europe and the entire world. Instead, especially after what happened on October 7th, we rediscover ourselves vulnerable and see the danger re-emerging around us that what happened could return to intoxicate humanity.

Our Head of State explains it to us in an exemplary way, Sergio Mattarella. And it is his message that I would like to deliver to me and to you on this day, so that we can educate ourselves to investigate the depths of our own nature, and to repudiate – and oppose – every dehumanizing form of abuse and violence.

Auschwitz, a dramatically real event, remains, beyond history and its time, a symbol of absolute evil. That evil that lies hidden, like a deadly virus, in the slums of society, in the hidden folds of ideologies, in the blinding darkness of stereotypes and prejudices. Ready to wake up, to strike, to infect, as soon as the conditions arise again,” the mayor said in his speech. Franceso Menna.

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