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Farewell to Olivo Casol, dean of Belluno’s bakers

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Farewell to Olivo Casol, dean of Belluno’s bakers

Goodbye to Olivo Casol, historic Belluno baker. He was 85 years old. A hard worker, a man who cared about his employees: “For him they were family people,” underlines his son Luca. “Dad Olivo was a good person, never over the top, calm, a hard worker and in any case a person who knew how to make others work too”.

And he also knew how to teach the trade: Luca Casol rattles off the names of employees of the bakery who then made their way, from Deola to Raveane.

The business started with grandfather Giovanni, a boy from 1899, who had a bakery in Cavarzano open before the war, around 1937. Five children, including Olivo, Dario and Aldo, the three boys. «Aldo opened a shop in via Roma, Dario a breadsticks factory in Borgo Piave», explains Luca.

After the war, the bakery in Piazza Duomo was opened, which Olivo left to his sons in 2009. It is now run by da Luca and Giovanni, while the third son Paolo manages another shop in via Carrera.

«Towards the end of the month», recalls Luca, «dad would come to the shop to ask us: have you paid the boys? Because he he had a deep and human relationship with his collaborators. There are people like Dino Candeago who have remained in the shop for a lifetime. There are people who even recently stopped by the bakery to ask about my father, saying they worked for him years ago».

Interviewed by Corriere delle Alpi years ago, Olivo Casol explained his job as a baker as follows: «My father always told me: look, bread doesn’t grow on trees. It takes work. What gives the bread its taste is the leavening and the hand of the baker who makes it. To find it good, it must have been made with passion».

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Sandro Pertini also liked the focaccia dei Casolas told by Ester Riposi who had a working relationship and friendship with the President of the Republic.

The funeral will be held this afternoon at 2 pm in the Cathedral of Belluno.

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