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Fear in González for proselytism of the dissidents of the Farc

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Fear in González for proselytism of the dissidents of the Farc

Men with face masks, caps and civilian clothes arrived house to house in the municipality of González, south of the department of Cesar, delivering pamphlets alluding to the 49th front of the extinct Farc, for which the authorities attributed this act to the dissidents of said guerrilla that seeks to gain space in this territory as well as in Río de Oro, which, although it has not been confirmed, is presumed to be the criminal acts of last week such as an attempted robbery of a bank and then the attack on an armored transport car money, he would be behind subversive groups.

Faced with this situation that has caused fear in the population, the mayor of González, Oscar Emiro Osorio, said that according to the inhabitants, at least thirty men traveled in the urban area and some rural ones delivering the messages, while they were mobilizing on motorcycles.

“Although we know that groups outside the law have always been present in the area, what we experienced on Sunday night shows the insecurity that surrounds us. We need more presence of the police and the Army, even both he and other inhabitants of the municipality, require greater security due to the threats they have received,” said the president.

He added that once he found out about the situation, he immediately reported it to the Police, but when carrying out the patrol they did not find anyone. “They left for El Carmen, Norte de Santander, however, we will notify the Ministry of Defense of this situation through an official letter,” added Cesar’s Secretary of Government, Eduardo Esquivel, who added that apparently these subjects were celebrating the international day of the rights of peoples to revolution. There were no shots, but there was fear and fear among the citizens, because of them Army troops are in the area to investigate what happened, because those men left messages”.

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