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Finally… “Aghallo” takes off the vertical dress!

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Ismail Al-Halouti

In this dusty time of ours, the Moroccan citizen cannot help but regret the extreme decline the political scene in our country has become in recent years, in terms of the jostling for positions and gains, the preference for narrow personal and partisan interests over the public interest, the low level of political discourse, and the transformation of collective councils into battlefields. Politics and the plenary sessions of Parliament have turned into something that almost resembles a “market” or a “circus,” which has emptied politics of its noble depth, and led citizens to be reluctant to participate in political bodies and to refrain from participating in electoral elections.
What is even more unfortunate is that political misery is no longer limited only to men, but the infection has also spread to some lucky women who “inadvertently fell” into the political field, where no territorial group or collective council led by a woman has known quarrels, confusion in management, and bad behavior. The measure, as defined by the Rabat City Council, which was headed by Asma Ighallou, affiliated with the “National Rally of Independents” party, after the elections of September 8, 2021.
After the residents of Rabat placed high hopes on the new mayor, “Aghallou,” believing that women were more precise, upright, and honest in bearing responsibility and resisting corruption compared to men, everyone was quickly disappointed and felt extremely frustrated, due to the serious mistakes and heavy scandals that she had accumulated. It would also be dragged to the judiciary, given the level of successive setbacks that the city has witnessed as a result of it being alone in making critical decisions, poor management and the high level of dissatisfaction and disagreement between it and the heads of the city’s five districts, especially the head of Hassan district who belongs to the same “Ahrar” party, or on other levels such as the phenomenon of “ “Ghost employees” and the resulting widespread controversy and angry reactions regarding the mayor’s failure to follow legal procedures to prevent the depletion of public funds, especially after her media statements about the presence of at least 1,700 people who benefit from their monthly wages on a regular basis without doing any work. Any service for the benefit of the Council, in addition to them also receiving compensation similar to actual employees who carry out their activities under normal circumstances. .
Since her inauguration as president of the Council of the Capital of Lights, Asmaa Ighlalo has not hesitated to raise controversy over the way she manages the council’s affairs after she persisted in her “foolishness,” as she spent more than two years in a bone-breaking battle until she finally ended up paralyzing the city’s collective council, because she She was not improving at anything other than tyranny, monopolization of management, and making improvised decisions away from any participatory approach, which made her lose her majority formed by the tripartite alliance (the National Rally of Independents, Authenticity, Modernity, and Independence) and contributed to the rejection of the administrative account of the Council. What is more, she was removed from the presidency of her team. Assembly and replacing her with one of her party colleagues.
At a time when the authorities were preparing to pull the rug from under their feet and dismiss her because of her stubbornness and the loud scandals she committed, especially when she appointed her husband as a lawyer for the council, in addition to the file related to spending “a billion” in a way that contradicts the applicable law, and after she became isolated from her surroundings and handcuffed, she She was forced to take off the dress of verticality, by submitting her resignation on Wednesday, February 28, 2024 to the governor of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region, Mohamed Yaqoubi, justifying her long-delayed decision by rejecting the state of tension that the Rabat Community Council has been experiencing for months, and that she chose to give priority to the interests of the residents of Rabat, who are proud of their belonging. to her…
Shouldn’t the mayor of Rabat, if she was really seeking to give priority to the interests of the residents of her city, to hasten to end the internal conflict of the council, not only with the opposition advisors, but rather its spark extended even to the advisors of her party, who continued to express their denunciation and denunciation of the way she was being run, to the point of filing a petition against her? Then why did she remain insisting on riding her head and not caring about what she might expose her party to in terms of losing the verticality of Rabat, since despite the entry of Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch into the line, as head of the party, and trying to find a way out of the existing crisis with some of the party’s leaders, she refused to turn towards… Further escalation, which contributed to the fracturing of the majority within the Council?
The successive crises that occurred, whether in the Rabat City Council, in the education sector, or in the Authenticity and Modernity Party conference, the delay in holding the Istiqlal Party conference, and the “Escobar of the Desert” issue, due to the lack of wisdom, integrity, integrity, and foresight by many public affairs managers and political actors, confirms that Our country is experiencing a state of party elite crisis, in light of the lack of nomination of competencies capable of management and leading the train of development in the right direction. Otherwise, the country’s King, Mohammed VI, would not have alerted this in his lofty message addressed to members of the House of Representatives and Advisors during the commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the first parliament, and the call to Increasing the quality of parliamentary and elected elites.

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