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Follow the General Secretary to learn the history of the party | A century of Jiao Yulu

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In the glorious course of the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese people from standing up, becoming rich and becoming strong, many outstanding Chinese Communists have emerged, and Jiao Yulu is one of the outstanding representatives. Lankao is the place where Jiao Yulu fought and lived. Back then, he led the cadres and masses of Lankao to fight against the sky, creating a monument and leaving behind a spirit. General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Lankao, Henan three times, deeply cherished Jiao Yulu’s glorious deeds, and emphasized that Jiao Yulu’s spirit “was, is, and will still be the precious spiritual wealth of our party and will never be outdated.”

“The green is dripping from me, and I can see it in a thousand hectares of clear blue.” Jiao Yulu has been dead for 58 years, but his spirit is like the “Jiao Tong” that he planted with his own hands. strong brilliance. Just a few days ago, Jiao Yulu’s nearly 10,000-character working manuscript was discovered and exhibited in Qixian County, Henan Province, which has become a precious teaching material for learning and promoting Jiao Yulu’s spirit today.

On August 16, 2022, the 100th anniversary of Jiao Yulu’s birth, “Centennial Jiao Yulu”, a feature film of the “Chinese Communists’ Spiritual Genealogy” series, was officially released. In the film, his daughter Jiao Shouyun, facing the camera of Universal People, recalled her father’s last years: “He always wanted to wait until Lankao got better before going to see a doctor, but when Lankao got better, it was too late…”

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