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[Forefront of Service]Chinese and German double spies arrested on the day of Xi Mo’s call | Hong Kong pro-communist member | Falun Gong

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[Epoch Times, July 08, 2021](The Epoch Times Hong Kong News Center reported) Britain will urge the relaxation of the BNO policy to benefit young Hong Kong people; Hong Kong pro-communist members raised questions about Falun Gong, Falun Gong spokesperson strongly condemned; Japanese high-level talks The United States defends Taiwan, and its strategy toward China has become clear. The CCP has jumped in anger; Huang Haijun has evolved and changed? The CCP’s “major military activity” announcement was suddenly revoked; on the day Xi Jinping spoke with Merkel, the Sino-German “double spy” was arrested; Shanghai responded to the third child and brought Suzhou single women to push the “bred” for marriage; Yunnan Ruili was promoted. In the high-risk area, the main urban area was sealed, and all staff were isolated at home.

Britain will promote relaxation of BNO policy to benefit young Hong Kong people

After the Hong Kong government enforced the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Act,” the British government opened up BNO visa applications at the end of January this year, allowing BNO holders to stay in the UK. According to a Bloomberg research report, about 13,100 to 16,300 families in Hong Kong will move to the UK with BNO this year.

However, the Hong Kong Supervisory Committee issued a report earlier that pointed out six major loopholes in the BNO policy. The report stated that among the Hong Kong young people who participated in the “anti-send” campaign, those between 18 and 24 years old were not eligible for BNO because they were born on or after July 1, 1997, and cannot benefit from the UK’s open BNO immigration policy.

The Home Affairs Committee of the British Parliament issued a report on July 7 in which it agreed with the opinion and pointed out that Hong Kong protesters are mostly 18-24 year-olds who are most vulnerable to prosecution by the National Security Law. Therefore, the British government is urged to allow parents to hold BNO 18 Hong Kong residents up to the age of 24 can apply for a visa to go to the UK separately.

The committee also recommended that the British government set up a team of experts to process BNO visa applications, and pointed out that some applicants may have been convicted by the Hong Kong government for participating in peaceful demonstrations and other acts that did not violate British laws. The British authorities must ensure that visas are not rejected for this reason.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs responded that the BNO visa represents the UK’s historical and moral commitment to Hong Kong people, and the relaxation of the BNO conditions reflects the deep ties between the UK and Hong Kong. If Hong Kong residents are not eligible to apply for the BNO, they can go to the UK through other channels, including the “point-based” immigration system or the “youth mobility program”.

Pro-Communist lawmakers raise questions about Falun Gong, Falun Gong spokesperson strongly condemns

At the Legislative Council meeting on July 7, Ge Peifan, a member of the DAB Legislative Council, claimed that Falun Gong set up street stalls to “spread subversive remarks” and asked the government to clarify whether it would ban Falun Gong, and whether it knew the source of local Falun Gong funds and whether it was involved in illegal fund-raising activities. And accept overseas funding. Ge Peifan and many other pro-communist congressmen also used the July 1 assassination case as an example to request the government to thoroughly investigate whether it is related to Falun Gong.

Secretary for Security Deng Bingqiang said that he would deal with suspected acts of endangering national security in accordance with the law, but would not comment on whether individual groups violated the “National Security Law.” He also said that from 2013 to May 2021, 3,525 Falun Gong promotional materials on government land were removed.

Liang Zhen, president of the Hong Kong Falun Buddhist Association, condemned the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong once again extending to Hong Kong, and emphasized that Falun Gong is a legally registered organization in Hong Kong and enjoys the freedom of belief and human rights stipulated in the Basic Law.

As for the member’s request to investigate the sources of funds for Falun Gong, Liang Zhen said that Falun Gong has always adhered to the principle of no deposit and no deposit, and that Falun Gong practitioners do everything on a voluntary basis. She also mentioned that the CCP has been rumoring Falun Gong for many years to “gather money.” “All Falun Gong books can be downloaded for free on the Internet, and teaching exercises is also free… How can you make money?”

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Regarding the pro-communist legislator’s request to investigate whether Falun Gong “incited” the July 1 assassination case, and mentioned that the “Kan China” media that filmed the incident during the live broadcast that day was related to Falun Gong, Chen Langsheng, Chairman of the Association of Recorders, told The Epoch Times that Ge Peifan’s statement ” “Catch the wrong and use God”, the reporter was neutral when shooting, “Don’t slander the interview behavior of a professional reporter.”

Japanese high-level officials talk about uniting the United States to defend Taiwan’s strategy to China, the Chinese Communist Party is angrily jumped

In recent months, the situation in the Taiwan Strait has become more tense, and the CCP has continuously sent military aircraft to harass. Japan has always tried to maintain a “balance”, avoiding alienating its largest trading partner, China, while maintaining an alliance with the United States. But recently, some Japanese officials have become tougher on Taiwan’s remarks.

On July 5, Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Taro Aso stated in a speech that if the CCP violates Taiwan by force, “the United States and Japan must defend Taiwan together.” He said that when the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan is deemed by the Japanese government as a “survival crisis,” Japan can exercise the right of collective self-defense.

In accordance with Japan’s security regulations, when other countries closely related to Japan are attacked by force and form a dangerous state such as “threatening the survival of the Japanese nation”, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces can exercise restricted “rights of collective self-defense”.

Taro Aso’s speech is regarded by the outside world as Japan’s highest-level statement on the sensitive Taiwan Strait issue so far.

Su Ziyun, director of the National Defense Strategy and Resources Institute of the Taiwan National Defense Agency, said that Japan will pay so much attention to the security of the Taiwan Strait because Taiwan is located in the key area of ​​Japan’s maritime lifeline. Most of Japan’s energy and economic and trade exchanges must pass through the South China Sea. If Taiwan arrives in Japan, if Taiwan is controlled by the CCP, the lifeline will be cut off.

According to Su Ziyun’s analysis, the CCP’s military power has reached a critical point, that is, it has the ability to launch regional wars, and Japan itself is in the position of the first island chain, which makes it more aware of the CCP’s threat. Therefore, this speech by the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan proved that Japan’s China strategy has moved from vagueness to clarity.

The high-level Japanese speeches, not surprisingly, caused the CCP to jump in anger. The Chinese Communist Party media “Global Network” reported on the 5th that Japan’s relatively balanced foreign policy between China and the United States has recently undergone a shift. It “has formed a hawkish team with the core of Japan’s politics,” and named Japan’s current prime minister Yoshihide Suga. , Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other “six eagles”.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China Zhao Lijian said on the 6th that these Japanese remarks were “extremely wrong and dangerous” and “damaged the political foundation of Sino-Japanese relations” and had already lodged a solemn protest. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China also expressed that it wants Japan to reflect on history and be cautious in its words and deeds on the Taiwan issue.

Huang Haijun’s evolution?The CCP’s “Major Military Activities” Announcement Suddenly Repealed

After the CCP expressed dissatisfaction with the statement that “the United States and Japan should work together to defend Taiwan,” the government immediately announced that it would hold a military exercise in the Yellow Sea.

On July 6, the official website of the CCP Maritime Safety Administration issued the “Navigation Warning for Major Military Activities”, announcing that the CCP military will hold military exercises in the Yellow Sea from July 9 to 13, and ships will be prohibited from navigation in the relevant waters.

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This is the CCP’s announcement of the ban on navigation due to military exercises after conducting live ammunition training in the East China Sea last month.

However, less than 6 hours after the announcement of the prohibition of navigation, the Chinese Communist Party suddenly issued a notice to revoke the navigation warning in the afternoon of the same day, announcing the cancellation of the above-mentioned “navigation warning on major military activities in the middle of the Yellow Sea.” It is hoped that all ships will pay attention to it.

This strange move caused discussion among Chinese netizens. They posted posts asking each other about “what’s going on”. Some people said that “military exercises have changed” and mocked the CCP for “recognizing counseling (serving softly)”.

On the day Xi Jinping spoke with Merkel, Germany arrested a Chinese spy

As the CCP has become more and more isolated internationally, China-EU relations have also deteriorated rapidly. On July 5, Xi Jinping had a video call with German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron in an attempt to repair relations. But the next day the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had captured a Chinese spy the day before. According to French media, such actions are relatively rare.

On July 6, the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement stating that Klaus L., a 75-year-old German political scientist, was suspected of spying for the CCP’s intelligence agency from 2010 to 2019 and was arrested and brought to justice on July 5 , Federal prosecutors filed a lawsuit against him for spy activities.

According to the prosecution report, Klaus L. has been operating a so-called Thinktank since 2001. In June 2010, when Klaus L. was giving a lecture tour at Tongji University in Shanghai, a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s intelligence department contacted him for the first time and tried to cooperate with him.

After being recruited by CCP intelligence personnel, the CCP equipped it with a dedicated laptop and software to transmit encrypted information. In the subsequent 10 years, Klaus L. often provided information obtained from high-level political circles to the CCP. The relevant information included high-level German state visits or participation in international conferences, as well as other international issues. In return, he was funded to participate in the corresponding meetings and social activities of the CCP’s intelligence department. He also received remuneration from the CCP, the specific amount of which has not yet been announced.

However, ARD revealed that apart from providing intelligence to the CCP in recent years, Klaus L. is also a double agent. He has been providing information to the German Federal Intelligence Agency (BND) for 50 years and has been paid for it. Klaus L. is not an employee of BND, but is listed as an “intelligence relationship” by the Federal Intelligence Agency. In the later stages of the cooperation, his wife also joined in.

According to reports, Klaus L. once reported the CCP’s recruitment attempt to BND and even received support from BND. But later, he did not disclose to the German intelligence agency the extent of his cooperation with the CCP. What information the accused spy passed on to the CCP will be the focus of the interrogation.

Investigators said that this case is of exemplary significance for the CCP’s intelligence agencies, confirming that in addition to attacks in the virtual world, the CCP also insists on recruiting intelligence personnel in all areas of public life.

According to a French report, the case was announced by the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office, which is relatively rare. The Voice of America reported that the timing of the announcement of the case by the German Federal Attorney’s Office was quite unusual. On the day before the case was announced, that is, the day Klaus L. was arrested, the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping was holding the second video summit in three months with German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron. I wonder if Xi Jinping and Merkel knew that a spy who provided intelligence to China was arrested in Munich that day?

Shanghai responds to three-children’s pull to Suzhou single women to push “breding-style” marriage

The CCP’s family planning has caused evil consequences and was forced to announce that it will open three children, but the response from the people is negative, and local governments have begun to use various weird methods to promote three children.

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On July 5th, writer Nian Dishun shared a screenshot of an official notification from a friend of the CCP’s official system on Facebook. The content is the details of the marriage activity assigned by the superior.

The notice stated that the authorities approved the holding of a large-scale “Weekend Free Love Fair” in a square near Shanghai People’s Park on July 3 and 4. At that time, 350 single ladies from Suzhou will set up a booth and set up a booth for single men in Shanghai. Marriage and courtship.

The notice stated that the so-called “three-speed” action of “fast love, fast marriage, and fast birth” should be used to actively respond to the three-child policy and “make one’s own positive contribution.”

Nian Dishun explained that, in fact, the superiors asked 350 single women in Suzhou, regardless of age and background, but the key point is not menopause. Any single woman who can give birth to a child is fine. When the number of people is enough, they will be transported to Shanghai by car, and they will be publicly wooed by Shanghai men on the square. As long as the two sides can see each other, they will rush to conceive and have children, so that local officials will have political achievements, and only if they have political achievements can they be promoted.

It is worth noting that the notice also mentioned that this event was jointly organized by Shanghai Qixiu Culture and Suzhou Tourism Association B&B Professional Committee. The marriage event also arranged for the singles club member registration of the old Shanghai style bar Luckfang, and the two days in Suzhou. Registration for a one-night single men’s and women’s private tour. It seems that if single men and women succeed in holding hands, not only can they arrange to go to the style bar on the spot, but they can also register directly to stay in Suzhou B&B.

The screenshot of the notice aroused public discussion on the mainland Weibo. Some netizens said: “It doesn’t feel like a person, like a production army. If you need it, you will give birth to more cubs.” Some netizens criticized that the authorities are “breeding pigs”, and some people ridiculed it. Said: “The three-speed principle? The pigs are not in a hurry when they are out of slaughter, right?”

The main urban area of ​​Ruili, Yunnan’s elevated-risk area was sealed off and all staff were isolated at home

The outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan pneumonia) in Ruili City, Yunnan Province is on the rise. On July 6, the Chinese Communist Party officially notified that there were 15 newly confirmed local cases and 2 cases of asymptomatic infection in Yunnan Province, all of which were reported by Ruili City.

The announcement refers to: starting at 10 o’clock on July 7, the Jie Gao Guomen community in Ruili City will be adjusted to a high-risk area. Since 0:00 on July 7, closed management will be implemented in the main urban area of ​​Ruili City, and all citizens will be isolated at home. During this period, schools and various training institutions will be closed. Except for supermarkets, farmer’s markets, hospitals, and pharmacies, all other business premises are closed.

On July 7, Ruili City officially notified that 7 cases of Delta mutant strains of the Chinese Communist Party virus had been detected. On July 8, a new round of nucleic acid testing will be carried out in the main urban area of ​​Ruili City and Wanding area.

Public information shows that the last time Ruili City was closed was from the end of March to April 26, which lasted for nearly a month.

A mainland netizen said, “It’s been three times. It hasn’t been long since the last time the ban was unblocked. It hasn’t been long since the opening of dine-in. Basically, work and production have not been resumed. Many livelihoods have become problems. Some people also said angrily: “Every time it is Ruili, can the Yunnan government do something decent!”

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