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From the “golden power” to the CIG extension for strategic companies: the measures of the Milleproroghe

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One-year extension of the golden power strengthened for the Covid emergency in sectors of strategic importance. Additional layoffs for companies that manage at least one industrial plant of national strategic interest. Renewal of the New Skills Fund for 2022. These are some of the measures contained in the so-called “Milleproroghe” decree approved by the Council of Ministers which also provides that public aid to businesses will be extended at least until mid-2022. There is also room for the doubling of the term of office (from four to eight years) of the heads of the services of Dis, Easy e aisi.

Golden power strengthened throughout 2022

The “golden power” strengthened for the Covid emergency in the sectors of strategic importance, defense and national security (but also energy, transport and communications) is extended until December 31, 2022. A measure that entails the obligation of notification for acquisitions of controlling shareholdings also by foreign subjects belonging to the European Union. An extension that was also requested from the Government by Copasir, in consideration of the frequency with which the topic emerged during several hearings held by the same Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic and the state of emergency linked to the pandemic.

Cig extension of strategic companies

Furthermore, an extension of a further 26 weeks usable until 31 March 2022 of Cig is foreseen for “companies with a number of employees of no less than a thousand who manage at least one industrial plant of national strategic interest”. Expected a maximum expenditure of 42.7 million.

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The term of office of service directors has been extended from 4 to 8 years

Doubles the term of office of directors of the information security department from four to eight years (Dis), the External Security and Information Agency (Easy) and the Information and Internal Security Agency (aisi). The appointment can be “conferred, without solution of continuity, even with subsequent measures, each of which lasting no more than four years”.

Guarantees on loans and aid to businesses until mid-2022

The Milleproroghe decree also intervenes on public aid to businesses which are extended at least until mid-2022: the possibility of converting repayable advances, guarantees, loans into other forms of aid is extended until 30 June 2023; business loan guarantees are granted until 30 June 2022; same deadline for signing loan agreements at subsidized loan rates; so does aid under the wage subsidy scheme; ditto for contributions to uncovered fixed costs incurred in the period between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2022.

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