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From VAT to Covid aid, tax deadline traffic jam at the end of November

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From VAT to Covid aid, tax deadline traffic jam at the end of November

A perfect storm of fiscal deadlines is ready to unleash at the end of the month: November 30, in fact, will be the last day on which it will be possible to submit both the Lipe (VAT communications of periodic payments) for the third quarter of the year, as well as the payment of the 2022 tax advance and the advance of contributions, together with the payments envisaged under the “Scrapping ter” and the sending of self-certifications for Covid state aid.

The other deadlines at the end of November

But it is only a “taste” of the intense “traffic” of obligations with a deadline set for Wednesday. The “stake” of 30 November concerns, among other things, the sending of requests for remission “in bonis” for building bonuses, the forwarding of communications for the redevelopment of the building stock and the calculation and payment of stamp duty on invoices , together with the forwarding of the declarations of taxpayers, natural and legal persons.

The request for revision of the tax calendar

“And this makes it difficult to fulfill obligations punctually”, denounce the presidents of three trade unions, the ADC, the ANC and the Ungdcec, Maria Pia Nucera, Marco Cuchel and Matteo De Lise who, continuing to receive reports from “exhausted” colleagues agree in demanding an “urgent revision of the tax calendar”, in compliance with the rights of taxpayers and the work of professional intermediaries in the tax administration.

The complaints of the accountants

“We need to start thinking about the elimination of repetitive obligations which, in fact, engulf our studies”, punctuates De Lise, convinced that “the rationalization of the calendar could also lead to an improvement in the effectiveness of collection”. For his part, Nucera hits the key of the need to intervene to guarantee the necessary efficiency of the IT platforms, while Cuchel affirms that the disservices that “many accountants” highlight “in the functioning of the Revenue Agency systems, as well as of the website of the Ministry of Enterprises, relating to the National State Aid Register” (for which today the president of the National Council of Accountants Elbano de Nuccio is asking the government for “an extension of at least 15 days”) are elements that “further worsen” the “substantial loaded with fiscal commitments that weigh on our shoulders. And that “they could have been spread over other dates”.

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