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Google opens offices in El Salvador

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Google opens offices in El Salvador

Solar eclipses are one of the events that attract the most attention; It is not usual to see the brightness of the sun diminish on any given day due to something other than a cloud. The occurrence of this phenomenon has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery and concern in many human cultures, despite the fact that for many centuries it has been known how to predict them with great precision, given the regularity of the movement of the Moon and the Sun. seen from the terrestrial perspective. In modern times, due to increasing access to easily understood information, solar eclipses are less of a mystery and more of a fascination, especially for regular sky watchers. Without adequate information and protection, this charm can carry significant health risks.

What will happen next October 14?

Next Saturday, October 14, a solar eclipse will occur that can be seen as an annular eclipse in a narrow strip of the Earth’s surface that will cross Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. Here in our country this eclipse will be appreciated as a partial one, but with a percentage of occultation of the Sun of around 83.4%, which will make it an event worth appreciating as long as the sky conditions allow it. It must be kept in mind that it will occur on a day that still belongs to the rainy season.

This eclipse is the first of two eclipses that will grace the skies of the region in a period of 6 months. The next one will occur on April 8, 2024, and can be seen as a total eclipse from a strip that will cross Mexico and the United States. Again, from our country we can see it as a partial eclipse.

The event has already begun to be the talk of the cyber-corridors of the digital media, but as is very usual, what is usually presented has not been adequately reviewed or has not been adjusted to our geographical position. To avoid disappointment, it is best to obtain information from reliable sources and always look for the details of the event as it can be seen from where we will be to witness it.

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Can the eclipse be seen from El Salvador?

Yes, like a partial eclipse, not like an annular eclipse. Our territory is outside the range of the Moon’s anteumbra. Because of this, at no time during the eclipse will the Moon completely hide the solar disk, therefore, at no time should you try to see it without adequate eye protection. Safe methods must be used.

As shown on the map below, the area where it can be seen as an annular eclipse itself is framed by the two blue lines. The red line represents the center of the path where an observer would see the eclipse at its maximum duration. This observation strip runs through the territories of Honduras, Nicaragua, will pass outside the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica and will cross western Panama.


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