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Government, Salvini “Procurement Code in CDM within the Immaculate Conception”

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Government, Salvini “Procurement Code in CDM within the Immaculate Conception”

A procurement code that will be “modern, streamlined and fast” and that will arrive soon: “This morning I also worked with the technicians to bring it within the Immaculate Conception to the Council of Ministers. If you don’t start from this, you’re not going anywhere.” The Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, announced it during his speech at the “Lombardia 2030” event, taking place at the Hangar Bicocca in Milan.

“I expect someone’s ideological criticism, but it’s the too long procedures that help the clever, the corrupt and the corruptors”. The vice president adds that “the draft inherited from the Council of State consists of 230 articles and more than 60 modification contributions have arrived” while his indication “is to bring half of the draft of the text that was delivered to us to the CDM, with of simplifications and innovations».

Salvini also speaks of a topic touched upon several times in the morning debate in Milan, namely differentiated autonomy, defined as “a salvific process for everyone, even for the central and southern regions tormented even in these days, in these hours, by the neglect of the territory”. According to the leader of the League, autonomy means above all that “those who have responsibility for the territory can no longer have alibis”.

Salvini also comments on the words of his government colleague, Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, who, speaking of illegal building, said “In my opinion it would be enough to jail the mayor and all those who let things go”: “There is someone who he would like to arrest the mayors – explains the vice president – ​​but I would like to protect them and free them from bureaucracy: most of the country’s development travels on the shoulders of the mayors».

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A clarification also on the National recovery and resilience plan: for the Minister of Infrastructure, thinking of completing and reporting the works of the Pnrr by 2026 “is pure exercise of imagination: we are at the end of 2022 and therefore remodulating ways, times and costs I think is a serious operation. Otherwise we will have many beautiful projects on paper without being able to intervene».

In his speech, Salvini also looks at the international context and the “Fit for 55” climate package: “As set out, it is a collective suicide chosen by Europe, and would lead to the closure of thousands of companies and the loss of tens of thousands of work» and «it would have nothing to do with environmental sustainability: the transition is such because it provides for a period of support, otherwise we would tie ourselves hand and foot to Chinese power».

The vice president also goes back to talking about nuclear energy: «I am told that nuclear power takes a long time but if you never start you never get there and last generation nuclear power takes 7 years: by 2030 we could have therefore the first production of electricity in Lombardy if it wanted to be the leader».

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