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Government seeks to promote the Buenaventura-Barranquilla train

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Government seeks to promote the Buenaventura-Barranquilla train

During the Railway Forum- Caribbean Region organized by the National Infrastructure Agency in partnership with the IDB and the United Kingdom In Santa Marta, the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, ratified the national government’s interest in building a train between Barranquilla and Buenaventura.

The proposal for an elevated train between the two cities was made by President Gustavo Petro and the objective is for it to become a complement to the Panama Canal, in addition to improving the connectivity of the regions.

Referring to the initiative during his participation in the forum, Reyes stated that it has generated interest in many sectors, with those in the Ministry and the ANI who have been holding meetings to analyze the feasibility.

However, the official did not disclose who would be interested in being the contractors for the project.

Likewise, he affirmed that the possible contractors of the train between Buenaventura and Barranquilla have indicated that the private initiative for this megaproject would be carried out in sections.

The Ministry of Transportation stated that “in our logs and files there are those who have come to tell us that they have all the will and resources to make IP of trains that leave Buenaventura and reach Urabá or the Atlantic coast”.

During his speech at the forum, Reyes emphasized that the national government has prioritized the railway mode in the National Development Plan.


For the construction of an elevated train between the two ports, financing studies will be required, as well as the risks of the complementary railway lines to the Panama Canal.

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In addition, social agreement would be needed.

The proposal has generated various reactions and the president of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, Juan Martín Caicedo, stated that this project is a “technical impossible”.

The trade union entity also reported that this initiative It would cost 700 billion pesos.

The elevated train would benefit Valle del Cauca and especially Buenaventura.

As will be remembered, in this region the project of a commuter train between Cali and neighboring municipalities is being worked on.


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