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Haaland vs. Lautaro in the Champions League: duel in the goal elite

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Haaland vs.  Lautaro in the Champions League: duel in the goal elite

He Manchester City and the Inter de Milan meet in the final of the Champions League in the stadium Atatürk of istanbul and faces Haaland and Lautaro.

The end of the Champions is the party in which the figures of Erling Haaland y Lautaro Martinez they will be protagonists

The Norwegian and the Argentine are two of the most decisive strikers in the european football in 2023.

Haaland is the top scorer with 25 goals in all competitions since January 1, while Lautaro ranks sixth with 20 goals.

In addition, both have been key in the path of their teams in Champions.

The front of the City He has scored eight goals in the qualifiers, for the two goals for the interista.

The ‘9’ of City is the player of Europa who has arranged the most great occasions in 2023, a total of 51, well ahead of the records of Lautarowhose number is reduced to more than half (25).

This causes the expected goals of Haaland in this period of time amount to 24.2 compared to the 14.9 of the striker of the Inter.

Haaland and Lautaro, the scorers

And it is that, in the section of goals scored less expected goals, the Argentine is the second best of Europa with a positive baggage of +5.1 goals.

The Argentine is only surpassed by Harry Kane (+5.5), while Haaland He has +0.8 goals.

Both are area forwards, whose main goal in the game is finishing.

In the case Lautarois the third player of Europa who has finished off the most times in 2023 (106), surpassed by Benzema y Rashfordwhile Haaland has done the same on 98 occasions.

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Regarding the efficiency in the shot, the Norwegian sends 26% of the shots he tries to the net, while the percentage of the Inter striker drops to 19%.

Two very different strikers in terms of their relationship with the game of their teams.

Lautaro He is a winger who participates much more in creating the game, having participated in 1,152 actions with the ball in 2023, compared to Haaland’s 717.

As for duels, the Argentine has also played many more (335) than the Norwegian (225).

Regarding the time and shots used by each one, Erling Haaland He has managed to see the door in this 2023 every 3.9 shots on average.

While Lautaro He has needed 5.3 shots for every goal he has scored.

On the other hand, the ‘cybor‘ Norwegian scores a goal every 96 minutes compared to 119 used by the world champion with Argentina.

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