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Homeowner of mental health patients guilty for death of 20-year-old patient

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Homeowner of mental health patients guilty for death of 20-year-old patient

A 20-year-old patient’s tragic death has led to a guilty verdict for the nurse and owner of a mental health institution in Puerto Rico. Mayra E. Pérez Oyola, the owner of Hogar la Nueva Familia San Judas Tadeo, was found guilty of negligent homicide for the death of patient Jaydie Nicole Alvarez, who was physically restrained and abruptly taken off medication at the mental health home.

The trial against Pérez Oyola concluded with a guilty verdict issued by the jury in the Court of First Instance of San Juan. The sentencing reading has been scheduled for February 12.

According to Secretary of the Department of Justice, Domingo Emanuelli Hernández, the case highlights the extreme and irreversible results of institutional abuse and neglect on a patient. “The jury’s decision does justice to a 20-year-old girl, who died due to the criminal actions of her caregiver,” Emanuelli said in a press release. He emphasized that the guilty verdict should serve as a warning to all healthcare providers and institutions about the legal consequences of failing their duties to patients.

Prosecutors Brenda Rosado Aponte and Janice Maymí Camacho from the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit presented 31 witnesses and 46 pieces of evidence during the 18 days of hearings. Head of prosecutors Jessika Correa González denounced the mistreatment and negligence suffered by the patient, and thanked the prosecutors and agents who worked on the case for their committed efforts.

The investigation was initiated by the Puerto Rico Police Bureau and further conducted by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Investigators concluded that Pérez Oyola, who has an expired nursing license, kept Alvarez restricted and isolated and ordered the abrupt withdrawal of her prescribed medications, resulting in the patient’s death.

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Jury selection for the trial began in May and took place in July. The Puerto Rico Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, which receives 75% of its funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, was instrumental in bringing the case to trial.

The guilty verdict against Pérez Oyola serves as a harsh reminder of the legal consequences of failing to fulfill duties to patients, and as a deterrent against fraud in the provision of medical services. Justice has been served for Jaydie Nicole Alvarez, and the case will hopefully prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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