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Honduras calls its charge d’affaires in Ecuador

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Honduras calls its charge d’affaires in Ecuador

Xiomara Castro, president of Honduras.

Honduras called its charge d’affaires in Ecuador this Tuesday as a result of the assault by Ecuadorian security forces on the Mexican Embassy in Quito on April 5, as reported by the Honduran Foreign Minister.

Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina assured that on instructions from the president Xiomara Castro, “after the exchange of the CELAC Summit” (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) proceeded “to call the person in charge of affairs in Ecuador in Tegucigalpa”, Clarivel Vallecillo.

Reina said on social network X that the decision was made “as a clear message to promote respect for International Law in the face of the violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the Caracas Convention of Asylum of 1954, by Ecuador, at the Mexican Embassy in Quito, which should not “become a disastrous precedent in the international system and that these events are not repeated.”.

«Likewise, we will carry out the necessary steps to support Mexico’s actions before the UN and the International Court of Justice” against Ecuadoradded the Honduran official.

The assault on the Mexican Embassy in Quito was the center of the agenda this Wednesday of the virtual Celac Summit, convened by its pro tempore president, Xiomara Castro.

Embassy assault

The president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, ordered the entry of the Police into the Mexican Embassy to arrest Jorge Glasformer vice president in the Government of Rafael Correa (2007-2017), to which Mexico had awarded him.

The politician had been at the diplomatic headquarters since December, where he had requested asylum and was waiting for safe passage to leave his country.

The Mexican Government broke relations with Ecuador and denounced it before the International Court of Justice, considering that the assault on its embassy in Quito violated international law and its sovereignty.

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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reaffirmed that his complaint before the ICJ seeks “an expulsion of Ecuador from the United Nations, as long as there is not an apology and an offer of non-repetition, of never doing something wrong again” as the raid on the diplomatic headquarters.


This Monday, in an interview that President Noboa offered to the Australian channel SBS, he stated that he does not regret ordering the search of the Mexican Embassy, ​​and said that, to resolve the conflict, “he will invite López Obrador to eat ceviche” or “probably tacos”.

Noboa also argued in his interview that Mexico first violated international conventions, according to his reading, by protecting former Vice President Glas (2013-2017), prosecuted for corruption, in the Embassy since December. EFE

Quito, Friday, April 5, 2024. Special police groups enter the Mexican Embassy, ​​for the capture of former Vice President Jorge Glas. Photos: ALBERTO SUAREZ /API

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