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How to access the Mi Casa Ya subsidy?

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How to access the Mi Casa Ya subsidy?

Do you want to access the national subsidy for My House Already Or you still don’t know if you are a beneficiary? The Ministry of Housing, City and Territory You already have all the necessary information about this program and you can consult it through its website.

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Mi Casa Ya is an initiative arranged by the National Government that provides subsidies and financial aid to low-income citizens so that they can acquire their own home. For this, some requirements must be met.

Starting next Monday, April 10, you will be able to consult a new module that the ministry has provided on its website to review its status and the steps to follow to start or continue the process.

To do this, you only have to enter the ID number of one of the household members and the system will indicate the instructions that you must follow according to whether or not you are a beneficiary.

In case your home is not enrolled in Mi Casa Ya, has a previous registration or has a classification between A1 and D20 in Sisbén IV and meets the stipulated requirements, You must complete the process in person at the credit establishment or solidarity economy entity of your choice.

If, on the contrary, your household has a previous registration but is not classified in Sisbén, go to the Sisbén office in your municipality or city and ask for the form in which all your personal data is recorded to carry out the process.

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According to the Ministry, the program will have a transition phase this year and what is sought is to help families that only require one last payment to complete the real estate business and have financial closure to acquire their home.

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Likewise, to carry out the complete process, after it is verified that the family meets the requirements of the program, the financial entity must certify that the home has the approval of a mortgage loan or leasing housing and what The property is now ready for delivery and the deeds are scheduled to be signed in the next 6 months.

Once this accreditation is obtained, the status of the family will change from ‘interested’ to ‘applicant’. Subsequently, the Ministry will establish the prioritization criteria and verify compliance with the requirements.

Finally, if the household meets the requirements and is prioritized, the respective subsidy will be assigned.

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