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‘I want to know that’ Incheon elementary school student death case, the only perpetrator is stepmother?… Did you really not know

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‘I want to know that’ Incheon elementary school student death case, the only perpetrator is stepmother?…  Did you really not know

(Source = SBS ‘I want to know that’ capture)

Why did the child have to die?

On the 18th, SBS ‘I Want to Know’ focused on the mystery of the death of an elementary school student in Incheon that occurred in February.

On February 7, 5 years after her parents divorced in 2018, Siwoo, who was known as a pretty child from a rich family in the neighborhood, was transferred to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest. At the time, Siwoo’s body was full of bruises and he was 148 cm tall and weighed 29.5 kg.

The medical team immediately reported it to the police for child abuse, and the real father, Lee, and the stepmother, Park, were urgently arrested for child abuse. The two denied allegations of abuse, and the father also dismissed her charges, saying that he hadn’t seen the child for two weeks and that everything was her wife’s fault.

Siwoo’s biological mother, whom she met at the funeral, confessed that she had divorced her biological father due to an affair and domestic violence. However, due to her lack of economic power, her custody passed to her biological father, and her remarried father did not properly fulfill her interview rights and did not show Siu to her biological mother.

In the end, in May of last year, the biological mother visited the school with difficulty and met the child, but Siu was already a completely different child. To make matters worse for her, her stepmom yelled at her biological mother for “crossing the line” for secretly meeting her child.

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Park’s step-mother was a devout Christian enough to do church volunteer work diligently. Just three years ago, she boasted to church members that she would send Siu to the Berkeley College of Music and raise him as a world-class musician.

However, Park’s acquaintances said, “I lied a lot since I was young. I wasn’t even rich, but I went around saying I was rich,” he said. Later, her husband’s face was completely different.”

The expert analyzed that Park seems to have had theatrical personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. Showing a decorated look to wrap up the deficiency, and being angry when it is damaged and ignored. I saw that her mother’s anger when she visited Siwoo’s school was in a similar context.

An expert said, “As a stepmom, you don’t have to obsess over raising your son. It is possible that she equated her son with her husband. She said, “That’s why she showed both sides.” “I think this may have been a big trigger for something wrong with her child,” she explained.

However, the broadcast pointed out that although the stepmother may have a direct influence on the child’s death, the father’s role is also significant. In a situation where the child is being abused, if the father, who is the guardian of the child, did not stop it, she could be held responsible not only as an accomplice but also as the principal criminal.

In particular, in 2017, when the birth father was separated from the birth mother, strange sightings of residents came out. It is said that Siwoo’s biological father beat him with his fist when he fell while playing with the children at the playground. In that situation, Siwoo was enduring it without crying at all, residents said.

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In response, the expert analyzed, “As for the reaction, it can be seen that there must have been habitual assault when we infer that violence has been habitual since 2017 and that the child is desensitized to violence.”

The day before his death, Siwoo stopped at a convenience store to buy a drink, then returned home and died. Some expressed regret at not asking anyone for help even at that moment.

However, the expert said, “If the abuse started in the 5th or 6th grade, there is a possibility that he would have asked for help. However, if this abuse had been going on for a long time, there would have been no one I could trust.”

Other experts also said that assaulting a spouse is evidence that violence can lead to children, and in that case, they should look at the parents’ economic strength and not hand over custody rights, but make it possible to fulfill child support. He also said that if both parents are abusive, the government should accept the child and help him grow up well.

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