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Icetex puts the magnifying glass on credits for people with disabilities who do not meet requirements – news

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Icetex puts the magnifying glass on credits for people with disabilities who do not meet requirements – news

More than 475,000 Colombians from different regions of the country will benefit from 27 projects that the Ecopetrol Group will execute under the Works for Taxes modality, which were assigned by the Agency for Territorial Renewal (ART), the National Department of Planning (DNP), and the ministries of Transport, Mines and Energy, and National Education.

The initiatives include the improvement, paving and maintenance of 51.5 kilometers of tertiary and urban roads; the endowment for more than 660 educational centers with furniture, digital technology and cultural and recreational strengthening; the endowment of 10 Child Development Centers -CDIS- operated by the ICBF; and the installation of 317 photovoltaic solar cells for rural communities and 36 renewable energy systems for educational institutions.

The works will be carried out in the departments of Antioquia, Arauca, Bolívar, Boyacá, Casanare, Cesar, La Guajira, Meta, Putumayo, Santander, Sucre, Tolima and Valle del Cauca.

This year the participation of the subsidiaries of the Ecopetrol Group stands out. Of 27 approved projects, 15 will be executed by Hocol; 6 by Ecopetrol SA; 3 for Cenit, and 1 for each of the subsidiaries Oleoducto Bicentenario, ISA and Esenttia.

Projects – Energy transition:

· Construction of photovoltaic solar solutions for rural communities in Maicao (La Guajira).

· Design and implementation of renewable energy systems for rural educational institutions in the Guamuez Valley (Putumayo).

Projects – Road infrastructure:

· Improvement of Old, Jungle Marginal and Arauquita (Arauca) roads.

· Construction of footprint plate and works in Labranzagrande (Boyacá).

· Paving, improvement or maintenance of sections in the municipalities of Lérida, Prado and Vendillo (Tolima); Yotoco and Buenaventura (Valley of the Cauca), and Sheep (Sucre).

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· Basic endowment of educational establishments in the South of Bolívar and Montes de María (Bolívar).

· Technological endowment in educational centers of the municipality of Paz de Ariporo (Casanare).

· Provision of furniture for educational institutions in the municipalities of Curumaní (Cesar), Yotoco (Valle del Cauca) and Bolívar (Santander).

· Provision of computers, strengthening of artistic, cultural or sports activity in educational centers in Lérida, Venadillo, Casabianca and Cajamarca (Tolima).

· Delivery of kitchen utensils and equipment to official educational institutions in the municipality of Cajamarca (Tolima).

· Strengthening of educational infrastructure in institutions of San Onofre (Sucre).

· Implementation of digital technologies in educational institutions in Dabeiba, Mutatá, Murindó and Vigía del Fuerte, in the Western region and Urabá (Antioquia).

· Provision to ICBF Child Development Centers in the department of Meta.

To date, 1,442,000 Colombians have benefited from the 39 projects that the Ecopetrol Group has executed in 14 departments of the country; in 2023, 6 more will be delivered, next year 29 and in 2025 the remaining 12 will be delivered. These initiatives contribute to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable population and support the consolidation of total peace in the territories.

The Ecopetrol Group thus completed 86 projects in the last 6 years that will improve the quality of life of more than two million people in 99 municipalities in 17 departments of the country, with an investment that will exceed $725 billion.

Works for Taxes is a mechanism that allows companies to allocate part of their income tax payment to the execution of social impact projects in municipalities classified as Zomac (Areas Most Affected by the Armed Conflict).

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Source: Ecopetrol

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