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“If this brilliant and monumental Cameroonian journalist had not existed…”, Cyrille Kemmegne’s beautiful tribute to Haman Mana

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“If this brilliant and monumental Cameroonian journalist had not existed…”, Cyrille Kemmegne’s beautiful tribute to Haman Mana

Cyrille Kemmegne paid a vibrant tribute to Haman Mana, both graduates of the prestigious Higher School of Information and Communication Sciences and Techniques (Esstic) in Yaoundé.

And why this tribute from Cyrille Kemmegne to Haman Mana?

Haman Mana, the DP of the daily Le Jour, demanded and obtained the cancellation of the sponsorship of the 53e promotion, journalism course at Esstic, initially granted to businessman Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga.

Here is what to make the former journalist at Crtv, Cyrille Kemmegne, who split a laudatory text to the place of his esteemed colleague Haman Mana.

Thank you Haman Mana, sacred journalist and marvelous man of honor! – If this brilliant and monumental Cameroonian journalist had not existed, journalism in our country would have found itself definitively in the slush, would have lost its luster and what still remains to it as a minimum of honor. Were it not for the somewhat virtuous and ethically minded journalists of the caliber of Haman Mana in our country, journalism, rightly considered the finest profession in the world, would have lost all of this which still remains to him in Cameroon, for the last optimists, as ultimate honours. – The latest journalistic news in our country is likely to prove to us that in our country, the profession at the bottom of the ladder is, alas, journalism, a profession dragged through the mud by men without faith or law, who have no no idea of ​​the concept of honor. They don’t know what it means to defend your country and its sense of honor. – My name is CYRILLE KEMMEGNE. I am from the 25th promotion of ESSTIC, a school in principle of honor. I entered this once prestigious school at a time when the sense of honor was sacred. – What mattered to us was Cameroon’s image and everyone’s early success. I had the privilege and the merit of entering this school, one of the most emblematic of all Africa, in terms of journalism, at the same time as beautiful lights and the most rewarding feathers of this profession such as that Pie Martial Ongono, Serge Alain Godong, Jean-Paul Mbia, Alphonse Ateba Noa, Léopold Dzuno Wafo, Hyri Samson, Yves Marc Medzo, Jean-pierre Congé, Alain Denis Mbezelé, Laurent Abah, Alice Chantal Tchandem, Françoise Lebong, I in progress and of the best. For us, journalism was first and foremost a matter of ethics and honor. – We served and continue to serve this beautiful profession on honor. We worked with only our honor in mind – In secret, we always cherish the legitimate hope of being raised on honors. Since ESSTIC, which was still a prestigious school of journalism, we were men and women of honor. – Until this day, we work in all good all honor. As doctors take the Hypocratic oath, our commitment, we have taken it on honor. – Of our profession, we made a last stand. For an empire, our esteemed brother and venerated colleague Haman Mana, coming out light years from the same school as us, would not have condoned that we affuble L’ESSTIC with any dishonour. – To him, we do a great honor. Thanks to him, boss of the very serious daily>, a brighter day is dawning in our profession and we avoid receiving spit on our ultimate honour. -To the fellow to whom we would have done an immeasurable flower by baptizing with his name all the 53rd promotion of the school which trained us, we would have done too great an honor. Thank God, Haman Mana was there, keeping an eye on the grain, and it only remains for us to give him a deserved honor. – If he had not been there, all of us, Cameroonians, journalists or not, would all have died on the field of honour. First and foremost, journalism meant honor. – Our journalistic slogan was:< À tout Seigneur, tout honneur. >> On ethics, we always make it a point of honour. – Our commitment and our professionalism were based on honor. We were all honored. For us, true students of this top-flight school, the objective was to save honor. – From this school, we came out with all the honors. At a time when certain birds of bad omen want to kill the reputation of ESSTIC, by playing on pecuniary interests to baptize its 53rd promotion with the name of someone who gets rich without working the least in the world, we make the solemn commitment to play honor upon honour. – We, students of the 25th promotion of ESSTIC, continue to work for honor. We will fight to always be in the spotlight. At ESSTIC, we have always practiced journalism for honor. – That’s why we are always high honors. Neither the lady who was parachuted at the head of ESSTIC as general manager nor anyone else will make us lose our honor. – Haman Mana and General Valsero, true and worthy freedom fighters, by denouncing as they have done, help Cameroonians to avoid dishonor. It is not because we loot the coffers of the State that we must swallow everything. Our honor is truly at stake.

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