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In Hobo they reject the appointment of an investigated rector

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In Hobo they reject the appointment of an investigated rector

A spokesperson for the parents stated that they are not going to accept the appointment of Hugo Bautista Herrera as rector of the Roberto Suaza school and demand that another official be sent for this position. This media learned that this person has a judicial investigation in the Promiscuous Municipal Court 001 of Altamira.

The Educational Institution, Roberto Suaza, has seven schools located in rural area of ​​the municipality of El Hobo.

The investigation occurred in Altamira

In this sense, it was learned that on August 3, 2022, the then rector of the Colegio Divino Salvador de Altamira, Hugo Ancyr Bautista, had harassed a student. A group of students publicly denounced the case.

“Mr. Rector Bautista brings a background of this type,” said a witness. The students, accompanied by their parents, staged a sit-in and achieved the expulsion of the official from office.

It should be noted that this person could not be dismissed, because due process would be violated. “It is a fundamental right of immediate application that empowers every person to demand “a public and expeditious process in which all substantial and procedural guarantees are recognized, developed before a competent authority that acts with independence and impartiality, and without taking into account considerations other than those provided for in the law.”

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There was a demonstration in Hobo

In relation to this case, Diego Fernando Arias, spokesperson for the parents, indicated: “The Ministry of Education has appointed a person to manage the reins of our Educational Institution and apparently he has complaints with the Prosecutor’s Office.”

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For this reason, nearly 1,000 people, including parents and students, held a demonstration with whistles and banners, where they opposed the appointment of Hugo Bautista.

The parents question that a person investigated for alleged harassment will be in charge of nearly 3,000 students.

They ask the Ministry of Education for explanations

The parent indicated that the educational community is going to send a document, addressed to the Secretariat of Education of Huila, where they question her about why the appointment of a person who has these questions was given? The letter will be accompanied by the corresponding signatures of the parents.

“We do not want this principal in our school. We ask that they show us their face (Secre-Educación), and we hope that they will answer us. Why does he appoint a person with that complaint? “Added the declarant.

The father of the family said that even if the entity in question responds to their demand, “we are not going to accept it. “We want them to appoint another rector for the school.”

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‘Voted’ in Campoalegre

The official was appointed in Campoalegre, but as soon as the educational community became aware of the appointment of Hugo Bautista Herrera to occupy the position of rector, rejection was generated, as well as that of the directors of the Ecopetrol Educational Institution.

“We as the Parents Association feel totally dissatisfied with the appointment situation that they made to us and that involves Mr. Hugo Bautista Herrera as the supposed new rector in Campoalegre. It seems to us a lack of respect because on Monday they had appointed Mr. José Ignacio Suaza Hernández who came from the Misael Pastrana Borrero de Rivera Institution,” said Constanza Trujillo, legal representative of this Association.

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“Here we do not judge anyone, we want the truth, but we ask that while he is being investigated, that they not bring him here or to any school,” asks the mother of the family.

It was learned that the Campoalegre Mayor’s Office carried out all the corresponding procedures for the rector in question to be removed from his position, and that during the day Mayor Elizabeth Motta would be present at the Departmental Education Secretariat to advance the procedures. corresponding.

Rejected in Saladoblanco

Subsequently, and in August 2022 and given the resignation of the rector Alba Luz Ortega, of the Misael Pastrana educational institution, municipality of Saladoblanco, the now ‘questioned’ official would take office.

However, as soon as the educational community learned of Bautista Herrera’s appointment, they immediately began protests against his arrival, therefore the Ministry of Education stopped the process.

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School bullying in Colombia

And according to City Tv, during the year 2022 and 2023, more than 2,300 cases of bullying have been reported in Bogotá. The Ministry of Education assures that it has activated all the necessary protocols to address this situation, however, children in educational establishments continue to be victims of acts of violence.

Likewise, a study carried out by the Javeriana University, 32.3% of 15-year-old students report having suffered bullying at school. Additionally, 15.9% state that they suffered stigmatization in group activities, 18.1% report having suffered teasing, and 11.2% indicate that they were hit or pushed by other students.

For their part, in 2022, in Santander, 13 teachers are investigated for sexual harassment of students.

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Similarly, the Attorney General’s Office dismissed and disqualified for 14 years a teacher who worked in Sabana de Torres, for alleged abusive sexual acts against four students at the educational institution where he provided his services.

The teacher, who will not be able to perform public functions and who is even linked to criminal proceedings, would have used his authority to perform sexual acts with his students, under 14 years of age, inside and outside the official campus.

And in Ibagué and according to a media outlet, 20 complaints of alleged sexual harassment by teachers against students in public schools are being investigated, reported the Secretary of Education of the Capital of Tolima.

Faced with this fact, the Secretary of Education, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, is worrying about the situation that is occurring due to the increase in cases in which educators are overdoing it with their students in the middle of the educational processes.

Most of the facts refer to teachers inviting their students to go out, sending photos and even videos with pornographic content, situations that are being investigated to make determinations.

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