Home News In Lombardy, the Third Pole collects the adhesion of the true Northern League member Gianmarco Senna

In Lombardy, the Third Pole collects the adhesion of the true Northern League member Gianmarco Senna

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In Lombardy, the Third Pole collects the adhesion of the true Northern League member Gianmarco Senna

The secretary of Action, Carlo Calenda, to a direct question, denies that there is an ongoing takeover of the Third Pole on the League but in fact today he collects an important adhesion in Milan, that of a historic exponent of the Carroccio and close friend of Matteo Salvini , Gianmarco Senna, who this morning, in a press conference at Palazzo Pirelli, formalized the group’s entry into the regional council. “A painful decision” comments Senna in his speech, which however was the result of a discontent that certainly has not arisen in recent weeks: “I have been struggling to recognize myself in the choices of my movement for some time”. The ex exponent of the Carroccio explains that he also thought of ending the legislature in the majority benches and then retiring from politics and then changed his mind because “I feel I still have so much to give and I have decided to start this new adventure, recognizing myself in the secular and liberal values ​​that I found in the Third Pole». The now former Northern League councilor, shortly after the start of his speech at the press conference, however sends a “true and sincere thanks to Matteo Salvini” because “in order to look to the future, we must not forget the past”. He also thanks the president Attilio Fontana “for whom I feel friendship, affection and esteem, and he is a person with whom I shared the terrible years of Covid”. He does not reject what the Lombard governor has done up to now, “I would be hypocritical”, but he does not even hear him say that “everything is fine”. With the work he has done up to now in Palazzo Pirelli as majority adviser: “I think I have honored the task given to me by Salvini and the League”.

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However, Calenda takes care of criticizing his former teammates: «We don’t want to climb the League, even if there are people I respect within it, such as Giancarlo Giorgetti and Luca Zaia, but Salvini’s League is disastrous: he continues to campaign electoral election even if it is in government”. However, the dialogue with the party founded by Umberto Bossi continues, so much so that Calenda specifies: “We will dialogue with Fedriga, and if there is a capable administrator like him, we will dialogue”. The secretary of Action spares no barbs even at the Democratic Party, according to him destined to become “synergistic with the 5 Star Movement: every day they go to Conte to ask him to speak to him and are refused: it also takes a little dignity”. The game therefore seems closed for a possible alliance for the next regional ones in Lombardy. “There are three people in the field”, referring to Piefrancesco Majorino for the centre-left, Letizia Moratti with the civic list and the support of the Third Pole, and Attilio Fontana for the centre-right. “We race to win and see how the situation goes.”

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