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In Neiva there will be a march against the National Government

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In Neiva there will be a march against the National Government

The opposition in the city of Neiva is preparing to carry out a march tomorrow, March 6, in rejection of the Petro Government.

This march will be held in protest of the policies and reforms proposed by the National Government, led by President Gustavo Petro. In Neiva, the call is led by the active and veteran reserves of the Military Forces and the National Police of the department of Huila.

The demonstration is scheduled to take place tomorrow from 10:00 am, with a starting point at the Neiva Convention Center and ending at Parque Santander. This march is expected to bring together a large number of participants from the city and its surroundings.

The Democratic Center and members of the so-called citizen opposition are leading this National call, in which the participation of various sectors of society that share similar concerns regarding government policies is expected.

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«Marching is a duty. Colombia needs us active and on the streets, to avoid its destruction. Let’s not think about who calls the march, that doesn’t matter; “What matters is Colombia #PorColombia6M,” said former senator Ernesto Macías.

For her part, Senator Paloma Valencia expressed: “We cannot allow them to destroy the health system or leave future generations an unpayable debt in the pension system. “There are many Colombians concerned and attentive to what is happening with the country,” highlighting the importance of citizen participation in the defense of national interests.

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