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In Neiva they recover a stolen motorcycle in La Ulloa

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In Neiva they recover a stolen motorcycle in La Ulloa

Thanks to the information from the community, authorities managed to recover the motorcycle in commune 10 of the capital opita

This is how the units of quadrant 33, attached to the CAI Palmas and thanks to information from the public, managed to recover a black SUZUKI motorcycle from the BEST line, which had been stolen in the Ulloa sector on the day of yesterday in pull mode.

It should be noted that the motorcycle, after being recovered, was delivered to its owner, at the facilities of the Neiva Metropolitan Police Command.

The Police invites citizens to take into account the following recommendations, in order to avoid being victims of crime:

* Never leave your motorcycle parked with the engine running, nor the keys on.

* Do not give the keys to strangers, because they can get duplicates.

* Leave your motorcycle insurance on whenever you park.

* Do not leave your motorcycle in the care of minors or strangers, avoid parking in dark and lonely places.

* Avoid leaving your motorcycle parked on public roads, do it in closed and authorized parking lots.

* If possible, install an alarm system on your motorcycle to alert and prevent theft.

* Request the marking of the spare parts and accessories of your motorcycle.

* Avoid traveling on dangerous roads, especially at night.

* When you purchase a motorcycle, verify its background and identification systems, for this you can have it reviewed by officials of the National Police attached to the Criminal Investigation and Interpol Section, SIJIN.

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