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In the US, seven people were accused of working for the Russian FSB

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In the US, seven people were accused of working for the Russian FSB

Before the scandal with the leak of secret data from the Pentagon had subsided, a new one – espionage – broke out. The US Department of Justice issued new charges against four Americans and three Russians, who for several years conducted a campaign “to provide harmful foreign influence in the United States.” All seven are now accused of working for the Russian government and Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

The statement of the US Ministry of Justice states that the Russian defendants “recruited, financed and directed American political groups to act as unregistered illegal agents of the Russian government, sow discord and spread pro-Russian propaganda.”

Charges have been brought against Moscow resident Oleksandr Ionov and FSB officers Oleksiy Sukhodolov and Yehor Popov.

“Russia’s foreign intelligence service allegedly used our First Amendment rights—civil liberties that Russia denies to its own citizens—to divide Americans and interfere in the U.S. election.” emphasized Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen. He is an employee of the Department of National Security of the US Department of Justice.

Mr. Ionov had another task — to create the appearance of support by the American population for Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territories.

In addition, a separate case has been opened in the Federal District of Columbia against the Russian citizen Natalia Burlinova. She is the founder and president of the Center for Support and Development of Community Initiatives, also known as PICREADI or Creative Diplomacy.

She is accused of conspiring with FSB officers to recruit American citizens from academic and research institutions. Burlinova provided the FSB with extensive information about US citizens who were recruited to participate in its programs, including their resumes, passport details, photographs and analysis of their views on Russian politics. Further, Burlinova identified for the FSB specific US citizens who, in her opinion, expressed a positive attitude towards Russia and were ready for further cooperation.

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It will be recalled that 15 Russian spies who acted under the cover of diplomacy were previously extradited from Norway.


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