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Innovative procurement: IPZS market consultation begins to find “Technological solutions for documents and labels”

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The Agency for Digital Italy and theState Mint Printing Institute they arranged for Thursday 29 Februaryfrom 10.30 to 12.00, the launch event of preliminary market consultation for the realization of the innovative contract “Technological solutions for documents and labels”.

The objective of the contract is the design and development of innovative products for documents and labels, based on physical security elements authenticated by validation applications (mobile apps and web apps). Subsequently, the innovative solution can be put into production, making the fight against constantly evolving falsification and counterfeiting techniques even more effective.

The proposed solutions must be innovative compared to the state of the art of those adopted in the protection of documents and labels and must include new physical-logical security elementspreferably original, to be added to the elements already present, which are capable of increasing the safety of the product.

The consultation opens at comparison with market operatorsto acquire all the useful elements for the preparation of the tender, in an open dialogue involving large companies, SMEs, startups, research centers, universities, etc.

The comparison is useful for the contracting authority to find information on the current framework of existing solutions in the sector and on the related research and innovation trends. At the end of the consultation, unless it is found that industrialized solutions exist on the market that are suitable for fully satisfying the needs envisaged, the innovation procurement procedure will be followed up through the publication of the tender notice.

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The event on February 29th is public and open to all operators, be they companies, universities, research centres, third sector bodies, natural persons, etc.

To participate you must register via this link.

During the event, IPZS’s innovation needs will be presented and the path that the innovation procurement procedure involves will be described. Information and updates can be found on the innovation procurement portal a This Page.

What is innovative procurement?

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