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Is Xi Jinping clearing up and changing?Many places in China do not check nucleic acid by train and plane | No longer check nucleic acid | Take train and plane | Dynamic reset

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Is Xi Jinping clearing up and changing?Many places in China do not check nucleic acid by train and plane | No longer check nucleic acid | Take train and plane | Dynamic reset

[NTD, Beijing time, November 03, 2022]Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping emphasized in his report to the 20th National Congress that the “dynamic reset” will continue. However, several notices have been issued recently, and nucleic acid certificates will no longer be checked by train or plane, which has triggered epidemic prevention policies. Guess if something went wrong.

On November 1, Guangxi Guidong Railway announced that from now on, taking trains at 41 stations including Guizhou-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Nanguang Railway, and Yizhan Railway will no longer check for negative nucleic acid test certificates (except for those going to Beijing).

Guangdong Zhanjiang Tourism Bureau and Hefei Xinqiao Airport also announced that they will no longer check nucleic acid certificates by train or plane (except for entering Beijing). These news immediately rushed to Weibo hot search, arousing attention. But then those messages were deleted.

On November 2, “China News Weekly” reported that the Nanning side responded that the railway department said that it would not check nucleic acids when entering the station, but it was necessary to consult the local epidemic prevention department whether it needed to be checked at the station.

The staff of Guilin Railway Station responded that the nucleic acid test will not be conducted at Guilin Station, but it needs to be checked when leaving the station.

Zhanjiang said that it is recommended to prepare a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours. The staff of Hefei Xinqiao Airport said that at present, the nucleic acid test is not required when entering the station, but some cities still require a negative nucleic acid certificate when arriving at the station.

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In addition, nucleic acid detection has also changed. Guiyang announced on November 1 that in principle, except for free nucleic acid testing for personnel in risk areas, others will do nucleic acid voluntarily, but at their own expense.

In addition to Guiyang, Sichuan, Hunan, Gansu and other places have also begun to make nucleic acid at their own expense. These local epidemic prevention measures seem to contradict the dynamic clearing emphasized by Xi Jinping, causing netizens to speculate whether the authorities’ epidemic prevention and control will be gradually relaxed.

Current affairs commentator Wen Zhao analyzed on the “Wen Zhao Talks about the Past and the Present” channel that these news are rather worrying, reflecting that the CCP’s epidemic prevention may become long-term.

First, nucleic acid testing has evolved into a financial tool. In many cases, people still need to do nucleic acid to travel and work normally, but they may need to pay at their own expense.

In some places, the nucleic acid inspection is no longer carried out by train or plane. It seems that the travel is relaxed, but the Guidong Railway has responded, and it is not necessary to check when entering the station. When leaving the station, it is still necessary to comply with the territorial epidemic prevention management requirements. “That is to say, you still have to show a nucleic acid certificate when you arrive at your destination.” Wen Zhao said.

He said, “It turns the two-way requirement into one-way, which is a certain simplification. However, it is done without affecting the dynamic clearing target. Therefore, these current adjustment measures are the local governments want to carry out economic and epidemic prevention measures. Fumbling, because the economic downturn has led to a decrease in fiscal revenue, making it more difficult for the government to spend money to support the nucleic acid of all employees, so it is essentially a financial problem.”

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“But once the so-called self-funded nucleic acid is long-term, whether it is voluntary or not, in the final analysis, the government has the final say, and it is not you who has the final say, it means turning this epidemic prevention into a tool for fiscal revenue generation, and it will be even more difficult to cancel.” Wen Zhao said.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/responsible editor: Wen Hui)

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