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It is more convenient to adjust the sampling time and add sampling points to enter the urban sub-center of the community for more convenient nucleic acid detection-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: Adjusting the sampling time and adding point sampling points into the urban sub-center of the community is more convenient for nucleic acid testing

Adjust the sampling time dynamically, add points, and enter the community… All streets, towns, and medical institutions in the sub-center of the city adjust the time and space of some nucleic acid sampling points according to the actual needs of residents, so as to provide residents with convenient and safe nucleic acid sampling services .

There are currently seven 24-hour nucleic acid sampling sites in the city’s sub-center, including Beijing Friendship Hospital Tongzhou Campus and Beijing Luhe Hospital. Both medical institutions have nucleic acid testing capabilities, and nucleic acid sampling needs to be booked in advance. In order to ensure the safety of nucleic acid sampling, “spatial physical division” is a common feature of the two hospitals. The reporter saw in the Tongzhou branch of Beijing Friendship Hospital yesterday that there are three types of windows on the right side of the self-service area of ​​the outpatient service: those who wish to check, those who should check, and those who pop up. The three types of windows are all clearly marked, and there are guides on site to guide the people who come to take samples. According to the relevant personnel of the hospital area, “the classification sampling of personnel is mainly to avoid the possible risk of cross-infection and ensure the safety of residents who come to sample.” Beijing Luhe Hospital has also carried out effective “space physical division” in terms of avoiding infection and ensuring safety. At the beginning of November, the hospital re-divided the nucleic acid sampling points of pop-up personnel. The new point is set on the uphill slope of the south gate, which is the collection warehouse, and a reminder of “exclusive sampling area for pop-up personnel” is posted. The nucleic acid sampling point of pop-up personnel is 50 meters away from the normal nucleic acid sampling point, which ensures a safe distance in space.

The nucleic acid sampling points all over the streets and alleys are the points closest to the residents. The streets and towns in the sub-center of the city provide convenient sampling services for residents with the purpose of “convenience” in point setting and time arrangement. According to the demands of residents, Luyi Sub-district moved forward the sampling time of the four points from 8:00 to 7:30. Han Bing, the deputy director of the sub-district office, said that some residents in the community reported that the sampling point started late, and office workers could not take samples nearby, and they had to find time to find the sampling point during their work. According to the demand, the time of some sampling points has been adjusted.” At present, the street has adjusted the time of four points in Zhujiang Lawei Town, Longwangzhuang Community, Luyuan Nanlixi Community, and Zhujiang Dongdu International Community. The sampling start time was advanced to 7:30. “We will always pay attention to the actual needs of residents, and do our best to coordinate with nucleic acid testing agencies to provide convenient services for residents.” Han Bing said.

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On November 28, Tongyun Street increased the original 15 normalized nucleic acid sampling points to 20. The street adjusted 17 sampling points, including the Bauhinia Grace Garden, Rose Garden, No. 28 Courtyard in the South District of Ziyun Nanli, and the Sanyuan Village Community, from outside the community to “into the community”. “After the introduction of the 48-hour nucleic acid requirement, residents’ demand for nucleic acid has increased, and considering factors such as the current epidemic situation and the gradual cooling of the weather, the street has adjusted most of the sampling points to the community to facilitate residents’ nearby sampling.” The relevant person in charge of the street People say. Mr. Wang, who lives in BO⁃BO Liberty City, said that it is very convenient for the people to enter the community at a point. “It’s getting colder and colder, and you have to go out of the community for sampling. It’s okay if there are few people, but if there are too many people, you have to stand in line. Sampling in the community, if there are too many people, I will go home and wait for a while, and I will have time to come out to collect.” Bauhinia Graceland, Due to the large demand for nucleic acid sampling of students and residents in the two communities of Rose Garden, the street contacted relevant nucleic acid testing agencies based on the actual demands reflected by the community, and adjusted the two “half-day sampling” communities to provide “full-day sampling” services. “We will make adjustments to facilitate residents based on community feedback,” said the relevant person in charge of Tongyun Street.

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