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Ita, forward constructive dialogue with Lufthansa. Off to the 2023 hiring plan

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Ita, forward constructive dialogue with Lufthansa.  Off to the 2023 hiring plan

“Ita Airways continues its positive and constructive dialogue with Lufthansa, identified by the Mef as a possible ally in a climate of full collaboration, with the sole objective of aiming for the company’s profitable development”: the airline wrote in a note on the day which launches the 2023 recruitment plan for over 1,200 new resources, including flight attendants, pilots and captains. The recruitment plan – explains our former airline – will begin in the next few days in collaboration with the Cving company in the main Italian cities. The new flight crew will be selected in view of the expansion of the Ita Airways fleet, which starting from the current 65 aircraft will see the arrival of 39 machines, of which 9 long-haul in 2023.

2022 revenues higher than expected

«ITA Airways – says the airline – continues with the implementation of the industrial plan, achieving excellent results despite the difficulties encountered by the sector due to the Covid pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the consequent increase in fuel costs. The company estimates to close the year 2022 with a revenue result higher than the updated budget on the basis of effective capacity thanks to better results both in the average tariff and in the load factor”.

Ita, continues the note, “has been able to build its growth on the recovery of the airline industry by carrying more than 10 million passengers, consistently earning the first places, globally, with 99% regularity on its entire operations and the 87% punctuality thanks to its flights landed on time, thus reaching record peaks, despite the critical issues caused by an ailing airport sector. The loyalty program registers over 800,000 members and new commercial partnerships to offer its members an ever richer travel experience, with more choice and flexibility”.

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Market share on domestic flights +8%

Furthermore, the airline underlines, “the market share on domestic flights, in terms of passengers carried, gradually rose by 8 percentage points between March and September, with a peak of 22%”. “Moreover, the company’s network is growing exponentially in the long range”. Started with only the Rome – New York flight in the midst of the pandemic, Ita Airways now has 9 intercontinental destinations in the United States, Latin America and Asia. Furthermore, the new direct Rome – New Delhi flight is leaving today and the one to Malè in the Maldives on 17 December, two routes that are added to those to Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Tokyo already operational.

«The expansion of the fleet – it is stated – represents a further step forward in Ita Airways’ growth strategy which will lead it to be the greenest company in Europe in 2026, with 80% of new generation aircraft and the consequent reduction of 1.3 million tons of CO2 emissions. Already at the end of 2023, the fleet will be 50% new generation”.

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