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Ivrea Carnival, 29 Golden Corvi awarded in the heart of the Borghetto

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Ivrea Carnival, 29 Golden Corvi awarded in the heart of the Borghetto

The quota of the nine hundred members of the red-green team passed on Sunday. Former president Luca Guglielmini handed over the award

IVREA. What do you do at noon, in Borghetto, on Carnival Sunday? We share a plate of pasta, washed down with a nice glass of beer.

And so it was also yesterday, to open an afternoon of celebration, music and singing. The 2020 Carnival, abruptly interrupted, had left many things pending and among these the traditional awarding of the Golden Crows, the recognition that is attributed to shooters who reach ten consecutive years of Battle. The award ceremony usually takes place during the Monday evening party, which did not take place two years ago.

And so the president Andrea Mazzola and his collaborators decided to deliver the pins and scarves during this somewhat strange day, in the middle of the square instead of in a disco. And, to close a circle to make the delivery, the president of 2020, Luca Guglielmini, who two years ago had to communicate to the team the stop at that edition of the Carnival, was called.

There were no less than 29 winners (most of whom were present yesterday in Borghetto to collect the Golden Corvo): Annalisa Abate, Carlo Bassi, Paolo Bellini, Daniele Borghi, Leonardo Calabrese, Damiano Campo, Gianluca Casalino, Nicolò Ceglian, Luigi Ciardulli , Matteo Defeudis, Davide Diena, Luca Emeriglio, Alberto Ferraris, Andrea Fiorini, Nicolò Galeotti, Monica Marco, Luisa Marena, Eros Panebianco, Valentino Pascarella, Luca Pitti, Enrico Giuseppe Pronounced, Paolo Santo William, Alessio Segantin Giulia Stramare, Jacopo Tarrogenta, Carola Tedone, Alice Tessitore, Angelica Tommasuolo and Mauro Zamboni. They are joined by Roberto Oliviero, awarded for twenty years of enrollment.

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Leonardo Calabrese, born in 1996, is part of a Tuchina family (and his father Gianfranco was also a General in 2005): «They were two difficult years – comments the new Corvo d’oro – but today there is only so much emotion. A pity to have had to wait so long, but I want to enjoy the privilege of this impromptu award ceremony in the square, truly unique. Two years ago we shot with the knowledge that there might not be a tomorrow, as indeed there was. But today I feel that tomorrow there will be: today’s square proves it, has always proved it and will always prove it ».

Carlo Bassi reached the milestone at the age of 51: “It took me a while, I recognize it – he jokes -: because sometimes I shot abusive, I admit, then there was some interruption in the” consecutio “, a few years on the cart and so I arrived just now. But I’m happy: it’s an important recognition. “And as the day draws to a close, the accounts are drawn: yesterday’s members have exceeded 900: there are three more days for those who have not yet registered and the board’s concrete hope is to reach a four-digit number: “It would be wonderful to be a thousand across the bridge this year too that the battle did not take place”.

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