Home News Ivrea, they punctured the wheels of cars to steal in front of the shops: I caught the two perpetrators of at least 7 thefts

Ivrea, they punctured the wheels of cars to steal in front of the shops: I caught the two perpetrators of at least 7 thefts

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Two precautionary custody orders were carried out by the agents of Ivrea and Banchette at the instigation of the court of Ivrea

IVREA. They carried out thefts against motorists in the area of ​​Ivrea and Banchette: the two citizens, a 36-year-old Moroccan and a 39-year-old Italian citizen of Maghreb origins, within three years were responsible, in some cases in competition with each other , of at least 7 thefts against motorists.

The victims, who had parked their vehicles near commercial establishments where they had gone to make purchases, on their return to the parking lot had found a punctured wheel of the car.

Engaged in replacing the tire, they later realized that they had been robbed of their purse, rather than their jacket, containing their wallet, with credit cards, debit cards and cash inside. On one occasion, in the short time span of 4 hours, the two accomplices had managed to spend € 5,000 fraudulently using the credit cards of one of the victims in the municipalities of Turin, Chivasso and Ivrea.

The purchases mainly made, in addition to important withdrawals of cash, concerned luxury goods, such as scooters, cell phones, jewelry and sporting items. The investigation activity had an important acceleration as a result of feedback obtained through the video surveillance images of some commercial establishments by the investigators of the Ivrea Commissioner: they managed to trace the partial license plate of the car involved in the crimes and from there to the owner , the 36-year-old Moroccan citizen, and also to the one who actually used the vehicle, the 39-year-old brother-in-law.

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The Court of Ivrea issued on 26 October, for both of them, a precautionary custody order in prison for aggravated theft, aggravated damage, and improper use of credit cards. The 39-year-old, who has a police history, domiciled in Rivarolo Canavese, was arrested on 29 October by personnel from the Flying Squad of the Turin capital at a hotel in the city center.

The accomplice was identified last November 15 during activities of the Carabinieri, Turin Borgo San Salvario station, in via Belfiore and taken by the latter under arrest in execution of the restrictive measure.

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