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DP World Tour Championship: 3 generals lead wheat turnovers and retreat to 4th_Catlin

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Original title: DP World Tour Championship: 3 generals lead wheat turnover and retreat to fourth

On November 19th, Beijing time, the last game of 2021, the Dubai Competition DP World Tour Championship with a total prize amount of US$9 million, kicked off this week at Jumeirah Golf Estate in Dubai, UAE. After the second round, Roy McIlroy handed over the first position because of his mistake. As a result, American player John Catlin, England player Sam Horsfield and Northern Ireland player Sean Lowry tied for first place in the finals. Their total score is 10 under par, and the lead is only 1 shot.

McIlroy started the second round with a two-shot lead, but the Irishman Lowry and the American Catlin both shot 65, 7 under par, and the Englishman Hosfield also had a 66. , The score of 6 under par is accounted for, and the total score of the three of them is 10 under par.

After winning the HSBC Championship in Abu Dhabi in 2019, Lowry is looking for a second victory in the Rolex Series in the UAE. He finished second at the 2017 Dubai Race and has two top ten places. The results.

“There are two days left, and then a long year and a half, I think, the long years are over,” Lowry said: “Due to the new crown virus pandemic, I have to wait another 12 months to defend the 2019 Open. Champion. I look forward to giving everything this weekend and leaving it on the court, hoping that I will be close to the top of the leaderboard there on Sunday afternoon. I think my game is in good shape, I think I know this place well and I know how to play I play here. I’m very happy to be at the top of the rankings. Tomorrow’s kick-off will be late. I look forward to the weekend.”

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Catlin has won three European Tour tournaments in the past 15 months, but he believes that winning the Rolex Series in this season’s finals will be “really special.”

“It’s definitely a good thing to be able to look at myself in the mirror. I’ve been here before and I can do it again,” Catlin said. “It keeps me stable on the back nine holes. We still have two rounds. Hope I can stay confident and continue to play good golf.”

Horsfield is also working hard for the first victory of the Rolex Series. Talking about his feelings when he participated in the event for the third time, the Englishman said: Very comfortable. Horsfield said: “I definitely don’t think I’m not suitable for here, or I don’t belong here. Obviously I think my game is really good. I look forward to the weekend. I have definitely given myself many opportunities in the past two days. I want to continue doing the same thing.”

Northern Ireland star McIlroy had a smooth run on the first 17 holes. Although he swallowed a bogey on the 10th hole, his total score has been maintained at 10 under par. Unexpectedly, the eighth-ranked player in the world made serious mistakes on the last hole and the 18th hole. He swallowed a double bogey, which caused him to end the game with a 70, 2 under par. Tied for fourth place with the Swede Alexander Bjork, who shot 65, with a total score of 9 under par.

Dubai ranking leader Colin Morikawa tied for sixth place with a total score of 8 under par. The same result as him is the two-time Grand Slam champion Martin Kemer.

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