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Jiangsu Suining announces the itinerary of 3 close contacts

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  (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Jiangsu Suining announces the itinerary of 3 close contacts

China News Service, Xuzhou, August 24 (Zhu Zhigeng) On the evening of the 23rd, Suining, Jiangsu announced the itinerary of 3 people who had been close to the asymptomatic infection of new coronary pneumonia. From 7 am on the 24th, the local high-speed rail will leave Suining. The personnel shall be transferred in a centralized manner.

On the evening of the 23rd, the Suining County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice that Wang, a resident of Lanshan Town, Suining County, Zhang (female), a teacher of Ninghai School, and Wang, a resident of Lingcheng Town (female), on August 19th 16: 30. I took G3291 at Xuzhou East Railway Station and was in compartment 05 with an asymptomatic infected person who had returned from Taizhou and was judged to be a close contact. According to epidemiological investigations, during the activities of the three of them in Suining County, the contact persons in some time periods have not yet been fully clarified. The itinerary of the three of them is now announced as follows:


August 19: Get off the high-speed rail at Suining Station at 17:00; then, take a taxi (Su CQ369X) back to your home in Xinyuan Community, Lanshan Town, at 18:11, and did not go out that night. In addition, fellow carpoolers (implemented) got off at Jintaishang City, Suining County at 17:26.

August 20: No going out in the morning; 16:00 after buying daily necessities in the Haoyouduo Supermarket in Lanshan Town, but returning home without going out; around 19:00, shopping with sister Wang and cousin Kong in Lanshan Town.

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August 21: At around 10:30 in the morning, Wang went to the county by chartered car (car number Su CD3R88) from Lanshan Town; at 11:00 to the north entrance of the Vientiane World Shopping Mall and waited for others; around 12:00 at the east of Vientiane World Side Qianweien noodles for dinner; 14:03 shopping at Vientiane Tiandi Fresh Taro Milk Tea Shop; 14:45 to the basketball court of Chenghou Garden Phase I to watch the ball; 16:00 take a taxi (Su C776QE) back to Lanshan Town; 19 Go to Century Hualian Supermarket in Lanshan Town for shopping at 00:00, and return home in about 20 minutes; at 23:00, ride an electric bike to Zhuji Barbecue Restaurant in Lanshan Town.

August 22: Not going out at home.

Zhang (female):

August 19: Get off the high-speed rail at Suining Station at 17:00, and then take a taxi (the driver’s WeChat name is “Gei Le Xiaoyao”) and arrive at Ninghai School dormitory at 17:38; walk to Meiguiyuan Community at 18:48 Go back to school after shopping in the nearby Igoo supermarket; walk to Geji Huainan Beef Soup at 19:31; go to the Igoo supermarket near Meiguiyuan Community for shopping at 20:21; walk back to the dormitory at 20:25 without going out.

August 20: 10:30 walk to the Yuantongmen store near Ninghai School to pick up the express; 10:39 take a Didi vehicle (Su CN00W6) to the south gate of Ninghai School; 10:48 walk to the school’s south gate opposite the nature of Bannian for dinner 11:23 Walk to the Deli Stationery Store at the south gate of the school for shopping; 11:27 Return to the dormitory of Ninghai School without going out.

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August 21: Walk to Ge Dalang Fragrant Crispy Chicken Biscuits Shop for shopping at 10:50 in the morning; walk to Parkson Runjia Supermarket on the east side of the school at 11:18; walk to Throbbing Shao Xiancao shopping at 11:25; return at 11:37 Did not go out of the dormitory; walk to the hairdressing salon of Mi Ke Commune at 17:47; walk to the Jiangxiang rice noodle shop for dinner at 18:43; did not go out after returning to the dormitory at 19:08.

August 22: Walk to Parkson Runjia near the Rose Garden for shopping at 10:16; walk to Ninghai Tucai Restaurant for dinner at 10:43; return to the dormitory at 11:28 without going out.

Wang XX (female):

August 19: Get off the high-speed rail at Suining Station at 17:00. At 17:20, take the Su CG8D80 car to the entrance of Hongguang Community at 17:44. Then continue to take the car and arrive at Xinli Village, Lingcheng Town at about 19:00. Get off at Liqiao and take your own tricycle to return to your home in Longhe Village, Lingcheng Town.

August 20: Not going out at home.

August 21st: about 11:00 in the morning, shopping at Tianrunfa Lifestyle Supermarket in Lingcheng; 14:10 shopping at Michelle Ice City Cold Drink Store on Lingcheng Street; shopping at Tianrunfa Life Supermarket, Lingcheng Town at 14:20; shopping Later, he returned to his brother’s house in Longhe Village, Lingcheng Town, and did not go out.

August 22: Shopping at Tesco Supermarket near Lingcheng Commercial City at 9:00 am; after shopping, he returned to his brother’s house and did not go out.

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Now urgently look for people who may have contact with the three of them at the above time and place! Persons in Suining County, please contact Suining County CDC immediately (Tel 0516-88333923, Director Chen 19961931638), and report to the village (community) and unit where they are located; other people outside the county, please report to the local CDC The organization and the village (community) where it is located shall report and actively cooperate with the implementation of relevant health management measures.

On August 24, according to a report from the Suining County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, a centralized transfer will be carried out for people coming to Suining by high-speed rail from 7 am on August 24, 2021.

The notification requires that all personnel who come to Suining and return to Suining actively show the “Itinerary Code” and “Health Code”, scan the code to register personal information (the QR code is attached), and then go to the designated transfer area to wait for centralized transfer after leaving the station. For passengers coming to Suining from low-risk areas with green codes for “trip code” and “health code”, they will be transferred to their destination or residence (temporary) to implement home health management; Passengers coming to Suining who are unable to provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours or whose “travel code” and “health code” are yellow or red codes will be guided to the observation room by the staff, and the health department shall implement health management measures. (End)


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