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Jota Pe Hernández explained his reasons for not supporting the pension reform

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Jota Pe Hernández explained his reasons for not supporting the pension reform

After the second debate on the pension reform, an initiative of the national government, was suspended for a lack of quorum, Senator Jota Pe Hernández, of the Green Alliance, confirmed that he is joining the strategy of breaking the quorum for that the reform be not approved.

So far, the discussion of the pension reform project has been blocked by the lack of a quorum, a strategy applied by the opposition, despite the Government’s calls for it to be debated. Even the president of Colpensiones, Jaime Dussán, called for the debates to be brought forward.

But on the other side of the coin, the senator of the Green Alliance party, Jota Pe Hernández, through his X account, not only spoke about this issue, but also gave his reasons for not supporting the initiative of the country’s public administration. .

In said publication, Congressman Hernández declared his opposition to the Pension Reform, citing multiple reasons for his position. As a strategy to express his disagreement, he announced his decision to join a group of congressmen who will choose to break the quorum as a legitimate measure of protest. Hernández emphasized that, once the quorum is reached, he will actively participate in the debate, ensuring that his vote will be negative regarding the aforementioned reform.

“I do not support the Pension Reform for many reasons and here I explain one of those. For that reason I have decided to be part of those congressmen who embrace the legitimate strategy of breaking the quorum! When they manage to form it, we will hold the debate and vote negatively! “Said the senator from the Green Alliance party in his X account.

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The legislator’s publication was accompanied by a video in which he commented that: “Who doesn’t want older adults to be given financial aid so that they can, uh, move forward in their lives, despite their advanced age and difficulties? We all want to help the elderly, and Gustavo has confirmed that he can provide this aid without having to play with the pension savings of Colombians, the pension savings of those who are contributing today. They want to turn it into a party through different pillars, one of which is the solidarity pillar.”

Added to the latter, the legislator explained that this proposes that all people with income equivalent to three minimum wages or less must contribute compulsorily to the average premium regime with the public fund. He criticized the management of these funds, suggesting that Colombians’ resources are wasted, comparing it to a “party” at the expense of money intended for pension savings. Hernández announced that during the debate on the reform he will offer more reasons that support his position against these measures.

Additionally, he ended his video saying: “There are two ways to sink it by voting negatively or breaking the quorum, as we are doing right now, do not make choruses and not allow this debate to take place, there have already been two sessions in which the chorus is broken and This is a third time in which we do it and when they manage to form a quorum, then there we will be giving the debate and voting negatively. So up front I tell them that I am being part of that legitimate strategy.”

Regarding the words of the president of Colpensiones, Jaime Dussán about the debate, he commented the following: “Everyone knows that what has been debated the most is the pension reform at this time in Colombia, there were a few votes missing to vote on the impediments that “They are pending, on Tuesday the discussion will continue in the plenary session of the Senate of the Republic and we hope that the discussion of the presentations will begin.” With Infobae

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