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Julián Bedoya asked for the Liberal endorsement to be a candidate for the Governor of Antioquia

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Julián Bedoya asked for the Liberal endorsement to be a candidate for the Governor of Antioquia

This Wednesday, May 31, it was learned that the former congressman for that group asked the national director of the party, César Gaviria, for his support to enter the race for the position of governor in the regional elections that will be held in October 2023.

From the former senator’s team they pointed out that Bedoya has the support of the liberal congressmen of Antioquia. Among the officials who support him are the representative to the Chamber, María Eugenia Lopera, and the only two Liberal senators from Antioquia: Jhon Jairo Roldán and Juan Diego Echavarría.

Added to this support is that of a significant number of deputies, councilors and pre-candidates for the mayoralty of the department by that group, according to the former senator’s team. It is noteworthy that Julián Bedoya requested the endorsement of the Liberal party through a letter addressed to Cesar Gaviria.

According to the data revealed by Bedoya’s team, there are a total of eleven senators and 18 representatives to the House who support the former senator’s candidacy.

It is worth remembering that the politician has also served as a deputy and representative to the Chamber.

Some scandals that tarnish the image of Julián Bedoya

One of the scandals that continues to sound is that of his law degree. It was recently learned that the Attorney General’s Office made a request for estoppel of the case against former Senator Julián Bedoya for the alleged irregularity that occurred to obtain his professional degree at the University of Medellín.

In the Supreme Court of Justice, the alleged anomalies to obtain his title arose as a result of a complaint filed in June 2019, but, when he presented his resignation to the Senate of the Republic, the file passed into the hands of the Attorney General’s Office, which filed a request to archive the case on March 7.

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The crimes for which the ex-politician was accused are ideological falsehood in a public document, falsehood in a private document and procedural fraud.

In another of the cases that have tarnished the image of the former senator is the investigation published by the Vorágine portal, in which they assure that Bedoya would have decided to study law after being expelled from the Police for stealing a pistol.

“Bedoya, who joined the Police in 1998, denied having stolen the gun. He said that the prints were in the cistern because the day before the robbery he had gone to those bathrooms twice. He also stated that the day he lost the gun he did not enter those bathrooms, but a colleague denied it, ”they point out in the investigation.

On the other hand, according to information from El Colombiano on the website of the Judicial Branch, a process was registered at some point for the demand of the real estate company Multiarriendos against him. Apparently, the candidate for the Governor of Antioquia would have been related to some problems in the restitution of a rented property.

This year the former senator was also questioned about a massive event he held at the renowned Andrés Carne de Res restaurant, where he received nearly 300 journalists to honor them for their day, but also to talk about their political aspirations.

During the event, Bedoya delivered expensive gifts to the communicators, including tablets and bonuses of up to 800,000 pesos.

It is important to note that, despite the scandals in which he has been involved, Julián Bedoya has significant weight on the political scene in Antioquia, where he has developed his career as a civil servant. with Infobae

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