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Khalistan movement leader’s video message released from a secret location

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Khalistan movement leader’s video message released from a secret location

Saturday April 1, 2023, 9:13 p.m

Karachi (International Desk) Amrit Pal Singh, a pro-Khalistan Sikh leader in India, has released a secret video message from an unknown location in which he said that the Indian police could not arrest him and he is currently in a safe place.
Amrit Pal Singh said that by God’s grace he was able to round up a huge police cordon, God wants to do something big from him and of course he will have to face difficulties in it.
Waris Punjab DE chief Amrit Pal Singh has been absconding for the past two weeks and the Indian Punjab police is on the lookout for him.

He has appealed to Shri Akal Takht Sahib’s Jatha Dar that on April 14th Vasakhi day Sarbat Khalsa i.e. a joint meeting of all Sikh Jathabandis and groups should be called at Golden Temple Amritsar where the atrocities of the Indian government on the Sikhs and their problems will be discussed. .
He said that many of his colleagues have been imprisoned in Assam while hundreds of innocent Sikh youths are also imprisoned in different jails of Punjab. India’s Modi government is deliberately putting Sikhs on drugs and they are being removed from their religious identity of turban, beard and kirpan so that the Sikh youth cannot talk about their rights and Khalistan by becoming addicted to drugs.
According to the sources, there has been a discussion on the surrender and arrest of Amrit Pal Singh through Giani Harpreet Singh, but no one has confirmed or denied this from the parties yet. According to sources, Amrit Pal Singh is willing to surrender on his own terms, but for this he wants the mediation of the Jatha Dar of Shri Akal Takht Sahib.
After the video of Amrit Pal Singh came out, the pressure on the Indian Punjab Police has ended that Amrit Pal Singh is in the custody of the police who is kept at an unknown place. Amrit Pal Singh’s family and supporters have also filed petitions for the recovery of Amrit Pal Singh in the Punjab and Haryana High Courts accusing the Punjab Police of illegally detaining him.

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