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Kiss scandal at World Cup

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Kiss scandal at World Cup

Spanish Football Federation boss Luis Rubiales kisses player Jennifer Hermoso. (picture alliance / ZUMAPRESS.com / Noe Llamas)

The head of the Spanish Football Association is Luis Rubiales. Rubiales grabbed player Jennifer Hermoso’s head with both hands and kissed her on the mouth. Hermoso didn’t want that. This caused a lot of outrage around the world. For example, the German soccer players said: The kiss was not ok. Rubiales didn’t respect Jennifer Hermoso.

Luis Rubiales sees it differently. He says: The kiss wasn’t bad. I will not resign because of this. The Spanish Football Association also said: Everything is fine for us. The world football association FIFA then blocked Rubiales for 90 days. That means Rubiales can no longer be the head of the association. FIFA said: A commission should investigate the case and then we will decide.

In Spain there are now discussions. Some politicians are now demanding that Rubiales must step down. His behavior was misogynistic. Many Spaniards are also annoyed. They say: Our society must finally change. Women in Spain are not respected enough. The players from the Spanish national team have decided: We won’t play again until Rubiales is no longer the head of the association.

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