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Know, tell and taste the cheeses in the new Onaf course

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Know, tell and taste the cheeses in the new Onaf course

Learn about cheeses, tell them and know how to combine them with wines and other products in tasting itineraries increasingly requested by lovers of good food and tourists. This is the aim of the course organized by Onaf, the national organization of cheese tasters, with the patronage of Confagricoltura Belluno, which will start on 10 October and will take place in the conference room of the Gaggia Lante retirement home in Cavarzano.

“The course is one of twenty organized in Italy and is the first after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic,” explains Monica Fratta, director of the course. «We were able to bring one to the Belluno area to meet those who are in the mountains and have difficulty getting around. Ten topics will be addressed, divided into five days, always on Saturdays in order not to exclude those who work, in which the methods of tasting cheese, the chemical and productological aspects of milk, the dairy technology, the relative legislation and the use and the combinations of cheeses. There will be teachers from all over Italy, with strong expertise in the sector, with whom you will be able to deepen the different topics by also asking questions. At the end, on December 3, the final exam will take place, after which you will be included in the national register of Onaf cheese tasters. A license useful both for participating in tasting commissions at sector events, such as Caseus Veneti, but also for organizing tasting events ».

The courses for cheese tasters are also attracting growing interest in the agricultural sector, both by breeders, interested in deepening their knowledge of the products to illustrate their characteristics to consumers, and by farmhouses that receive more and more requests from tourists for food and wine tours with special combinations. with wines, jams and honeys.

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«It is important to be good cheesemakers and to know how to make cheese well», underlines Diego Donazzolo, president of Confagricoltura Belluno, «but today it is also important to know how to tell consumers about it. Furthermore, these courses favor the comparison between producers, which is a fundamental stimulus to grow and refine their productions ».

But we must hurry because registrations are collected by tomorrow by writing to [email protected] or by calling 346 0105797.

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