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Lääne Elu paper sheet on Saturday, March 18

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Lääne Elu paper sheet on Saturday, March 18

There are several candidates for the Vorms hunting grounds

The Vorms hunting dispute continues. The Vorms hunting association does not like that another association could also hunt on the island, although, in addition to the local hunting association, the NGO Rannarootslane, registered in Spitham, has expressed a desire to do so. “[Vormsi] the landowners approached me to help organize hunting on the island,” said Janek Loorens, board member of the NGO Rannarootslane. Another member of the board of the association is Age Kanarbik, the owner of OÜ Vormsi MT, engaged in livestock breeding, who has criticized Vormsi hunters

Viivika Orula: all genres have been tried

Viivika Orula has started the Oru culture hall in a year, now she hopes that some younger, budding leader will be able to move it at full speed. Until then, though, he plans to keep going.

Jaak Jõerüüt: the play Lennart Merist could be staged in many ways

As part of the theater month, prose writer, poet, playwright and diplomat Jaak Jõerüüt met with readers in the Haapsalu library. Even though Jõerüüt is competent to speak on many topics, most of the meeting was dedicated to his only play “Lennart. Pöördtoliaastad”, which is one of the two books published by Jõerüði last year.

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